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19 December 2017
Ancient tomb full of soup bowls discovered in China

A 3,100-year-old tomb containing bronze 'soup bowls' and other elaborately decorated food vessels has been discovered in Baoji, a city on China's Northern Silk Road, 1000 kilometres southwest of Beijing. Many of the vessels were found in niches in the walls of the tomb.
     According to archaeologists, the occupant of the tomb was most likely of elite status, potentially a high ranking chief or the spouse of a chief.
     Referred to as 'ritual vessels', the finds include a four-handled tureen, often used to serve soup. Dotted with 192 spikes, it displays images of dragons and birds, as well as 24 heads of cattle. Two wine vessels in the shape of deer were also found, engraved with a variety of complex designs. A few of the vessels bear inscriptions that include the names of different clans of a rival dynasty, suggesting they may have been spoils of war.
     Since excavations began in 2012 after construction workers uncovered bronze vessels while building houses, at least 56 other ancient tombs have been found nearby.

Edited from LiveScience (12 December 2017)

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