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6 January 2018
Ancient Kerry fort closed after storm damage

Dunbeg fort dates back around 2,500 years, and houses a circular beehive hut with a square interior. Located on the Dingle Peninsula in Kerry (Ireland), this site is now closed until further notice due to damage sustained in the recent stormy weather.
     The fort is a popular tourist attraction, offering dramatic views of the surrounding areas. A large portion of the fort has fallen into the sea due to the Storm Eleanor. The site was also closed in December due to the storm damage and people are still being urged to stay away.
     The Office for Public Works said in a statement: "The OPW cannot emphasise enough the absolute dangerous nature of Dunbeg Fort at this time and asks that all visitors, for their own safety, refrain from visiting the site until further notice."
     The OPW said that, alongside the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, it would meet at the site early next week to assess the damage and decide on what remedial works should be undertaken.
     It is understood that significant damage has been done at the cliff edge, which has been subject to extensive erosion in recent decades. The fort is seen to be particularly vulnerable due to how it is perched on the sheer cliff edge. Part of the site previously fell into the sea in 2014.

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