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12 January 2018
Jersey joins Europe's Cultural Route programme

In 1987 the Council of Europe launched a Cultural Routes programme to show how the heritage of different countries and cultures within Europe had contributed to a shared and living cultural heritage. The first of these Routes that they established was the Santiago de Compostela Pilgrims Route. Several diverse routes then followed including, recently, Destination Napoleon and In the Footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson.
     Not all of the routes are concerned with more recent history however. One route in particular, started in 2013, concerns the European Route of Megalithic Culture. Existing members of this Route are the UK, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden & Portugal, where hikes and cycle activities are organised to explore and enjoy the wealth of Megalithic tombs and dolmens.
     The latest member of this group is now the Societe Jersaise, in the Channel Islands (UK) and it is hoped that this membership will help boost Jersey's cultural profile. A working group has been formed to take this forward and this comprises archaeologists and members of the Jersey Government's Economic Development Department, to help promote awareness of the 'dolmen culture'.
     Rosalind Le Quesne, archaeologist and member of the working committee, is quoted as saying "It's great for little Jersey to get recognised in the bigger picture of cultural heritage. This will give us more international prominence".

Edited from Jersey Evening Post (24 December 2017)

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