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12 January 2018
Omani links with Pakistan date back over 4000 years

The Sultanate of Oman is an independent state on the South Eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula. Its location at the junction of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean meant that it has always been a sea faring trading nation.
     Now a team of archaeologists from he Sultan Qaboos University have uncovered a settlement in the north of the country at Al Batinah, with pottery evidence of links to the Umm Al Nar Bronze Age civilisation in Pakistan, in approximately 2,500 to 2,000 BCE.
     The links are specifically with the Mohenjodaro Region of the Sindh Valley. It is thought that the shards which were found were from storage jars used either to bring goods to b e traded for copper or to transport the copper to Sindh, but this has yet to be fully verified.
     What is certain is the point of their manufacture, as advised in a statement by a spokesperson from The Sultan Qaboos University "There are initial indications of its external relations with Sindh, in which pottery or the storage jar, which was manufactured in the civilisation on Harappa, then in Sindh".
     This mountainous region in  the north of the country, the Hajar Mountains, is rich in copper ore and, in fact, the Sumerian name for this area was Magan, which directly refers to its copper resources.

Edited from the Times of Oman (25 December 2017)

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