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2 February 2018
Hoard of Bronze Age gold found in northwest England

A hoard of Bronze Age gold is the subject of a treasure inquest. Following the discovery of several items by a metal detectorist, one of Cumbria's assistant coroners will rule on who is the legal owner. If he rules that the hoard is treasure, the British Museum is given the opportunity to acquire the find for its collection, and the finder and landowner may receive a reward based on the market value.
     The magnificent collection of gold jewellery was found early 2017 in Urswick, about 360 kilometres northwest of London. The items include a bracelet, three lock rings, and a segment from a copper cauldron, estimated to date from between 1150 BCE and 800 BCE. Lock rings are normally found in pairs. It is supposed they were used as hair decorations or earrings.
     Ulverston archaeologist Dan Elsworth, director of Greenlane Archaeology, says gold items were not uncommon during this period, with the peninsula having links to gold mining areas in Wales and Cornwall. Analysis shows they were laid in a small hollow under the prehistoric sub-soil and clay, and then covered with stones.
     A Viking hoard of 92 silver coins was discovered in the area in 2011 - at the time the largest cache of Viking artefacts found in the region.

Edited from The Mail (19 January 2018)

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