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11 February 2018
Early Scandinavians descended from Europeans and Russians

There has been a long term discussion on the origins of the peoples of Scandinavia but now modern DNA research has put some facts behind the theories.
     A genetics research team from Uppsala University (Sweden) has been extracting the DNA from skulls and skeletons which date back to the time when the ice was retreating after the end of the last great Ice Age and hunters were moving into the region.
     Mattias Jakobsson, a professor in genetics at the University is quoted as saying "The genetic pattern shows how Scandinavia was colonised after the Ice Age, both by migrants from southwest Europe directly up into Scandinavia and shortly afterwards by a second migration from what is now Russia. The latter went north of the ice-cap and along the Atlantic coast".
     The Russians brought with them more advanced hunting tools and this DNA analysis helped to solve another discussion as to how they were found there. One interesting point from this discovery is that these genes are still present in modern day Scandinavians which may explain their ability to survive the harsh winter climate.

Edited from Copenhagen Post Online (10 January 2018)

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