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24 September 2018
Excavations to be resumed at Belgian megalithic site

Archaeological digs will resume on the megalithic site of Wéris (in the municipality of Durbuy, Belgium), listed in 1974 and placed on the List of Exceptional Heritage Sites in Wallonia since 2014. The announcement came from the Walloon Minister for Heritage, René Collin.
     With its 17 standing stones and two covered alleyways, the megalithic field in Wéris is the oldest of its kind in Belgium. Spread over a length of eight kilometres, these two parallel menhir rows have been subject to several excavations since the end of the 19th century.
     The new dig is going to comprise "a global search, on a large scale, which will enable a better understanding of both the general layout of the monuments and their interaction within the countryside."
     The minister stated that the project will also be the opportunity to reposition the two menhirs, discovered in 1984, within their trench, and to look for the foundation trench of the menhir 'Dantinne', moved in 1947. He also added that it will also enable the production of an archaeological assessment of the site. The Walloon Heritage Agency will undertake coordination of the project.

Edited from The Brussels Times (21 September 2018)

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