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30 November 2019
Damage to Iron Age site in the Outer Hebrides

Police are investigating a reported unauthorised excavation at an Iron Age site in the Western Isles (Scotland). Dun Torcuill, a small uninhabited island in North Uist, has the archaeological remains of an ancient stone-built tower called a broch. Police Scotland said it received a report of the damage on 22 October and was now appealing for information.
     Sgt Gavin McDevitt, of Lochmaddy Police Station, said: "Damaging or removing any part of a scheduled monument is a criminal offence. In this instance, there is the potential for destabilisation of the monument, and the loss of archaeological deposits previously protected by the tumbled stone." He added: "The penalties for offences under the Act are considerably higher than those for damage to property or vandalism offences, with fines ranging up to £50,000 or prison sentences of up to two years."
     Historic Environment Scotland said it would urge anyone with information on the incident to contact Scottish police.
     Brochs are some of Scotland's oldest and most formidable structures to be found in Scotland, many of them in the Highlands, the Western Isles and Orkney.

Edited from BBC News (11 November 2019)

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