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21 January 2020
Damage to prehistoric burial mound in Wales

Welsh police are investigating 'appalling damage' at a Bronze Age burial mound which dates back 3,000-4,000 years. Gwent Police Rural Crime Team said the destruction was caused by off-road vehicles and said immediate prevention measures were being put in place. The Woodland Trust shared pictures of its Wentwood site, near Newport, where tyre tracks covered the monument.
     Site manager Rob Davies said damage has been 'an ongoing problem'. "A feature that is around 3,000-4,000 years old has been damaged within a few minutes," he added. "This is a Bronze Age burial mound, a scheduled ancient monument, and the damage caused is therefore a criminal offence."
     Mr Davies went on: "There has, unfortunately been an on-going problem with damage to this and similar features within Wentwood. The Trust has been spending around £1,500 a year to try to keep vehicles way from them, and following this damage, we will be undertaking further work."
     The Woodland Trust said that Wentwood forms part of the largest block of ancient woodland in Wales, with a number of Bronze Age burial mounds on its ridge tops.

Edited from BBC News (7 January 2020)

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