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23 January 2021
The future for England's Rock Art website

The England Rock Art (ERA) website was originally launched in summer 2008 as a project to catalogue carvings in the Northumberland region. Since then it has been added to, principally with records from the Beckensall archive previously stored with Newcastle University.
     The website in its current form is being shut down on January 15th 2021. The site has a core interest group, and efforts are under way to ensure the database is archived, maintained, and publicly accessible. In this case, and because the resource was already held by the Archaeology Data Service (ADS), the data are secure and will be made publicly accessible as soon as possible. The data will be better curated, and access broadened. Raw data will be built upon to develop the archive into an ADS Special Collection which replicates the database and map-based experiences. The work is being done as a staff training exercise, so timescale for completion is less certain but an advanced interface could be ready in 2021.

Edited from Archaeology Data Service (6 January 2021)

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