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11 January 2022
Iron age hillfort for sale in England

Hillforts are among the most striking monuments in northern Europe, built and occupied from about 900 to 100 BCE, when societies were defined by tribal territories. About 250 kilometres west-southwest of London, within the Blackdown Hills 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty', Hembury is considered the finest prehistoric hillfort in Devonshire. Built on the site of an earlier Neolithic causewayed enclosure, on a south-facing heathland promontory 40 metres above the surrounding plateau, the small multi-vallate Iron Age fort is currently under offer by Savills for a guide price of £100,000. The sale includes approximately 15.7 hectares.
     The fort is protected on three sides by steep natural slopes, and preserves well-defined perimeter defences. People from the massive hillfort of Maiden Castle, about 70 kilometres to the east-southeast, apparently occupied the site around 50 BCE, and the Roman army was in possession by the middle of the 1st century CE.
     Many artefacts discovered during excavations in the 1930s and 1980s are on display in the Royal Albert Museum in nearby Exeter. More recently a Geophysics survey was carried out by Bournemouth University in preparation more extensive survey at a later date.

Edited from Hembury Fort, Savills, Devon Online (20 October 2021), Country Life (22 October 2021), InEntertainment (26 December 2021)

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