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15 January 2022
Ancient pottery found in Jersey

A nearly complete late Bronze Age pottery vessel has been found in fields intended for a new hospital on the island of Jersey, one of the Channel Islands off the coast of Normandy. Thin-walled and finely made, the vessel is believed to be of Deverel-Rimbury style from around 1200-900 BCE, placed in a purposely dug pit. A decorated fragment from the rim of a pot was also found, which may be part of a different vessel.
     Inside were two scraps of copper alloy metalwork. One, a hexagonal tube approximately 15 millimetres in length, may have been part of a socketed axe or small socketed hammer. The other is flat, irregularly shaped, rectangular in cross-section, and about 31 millimetres at the widest point.
     Further investigations will be carried out on the site ahead of construction.

Edited from Jersey Evening Post (8 January 2022)

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