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August 1998 index:

5 August 1998
Stone axes and the study of Neolithic Britain
Bristol dayschool (England) - 24 October 1998 On 24 October 1998 a dayschool celebrating the work of the Implement Petrology Committee of the South-West Federation of Museums and Art Galleries...
Neolithic Orkney in its European Context
Orkney Heritage Society, Kirkwall, Orkney (Scotland) - 10 - 14 September 1998 Orkney remains one of the most exciting and important places in Europe for studying the Neolithic past in...
1998 International Rock-Art Congress
Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro Vila Real (Portugal) - 6 - 12 September 1998 UTAD (Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro) is the venue of the 1998 International Rock-Art...
Bronze-Age shield discovered in Salisbury (Cadbury Castle - England)
The 3,000-year-old bronze shield was found last summer on a secret site near the great hill fort of Cadbury Castle, which some believe was the site of Camelot.      Only 40...
3,300-year-old Log-Boat recovered (Shardlow - England)
Archaeologists have recovered a log-boat, probably dating from the middle Bronze Age (circa 1300 BC), still carrying some of its cargo of quarried stone. The ten metre long oak boat...
The oldest astronomical megalith alignment (Nabta - Egypt)
An assembly of huge stone slabs found in Egypt's Sahara Desert that date from about 6,500 years to 6,000 years ago has been confirmed by scientists to be the oldest...
A tunnel for Stonehenge
The setting and presentation of Stonehenge will probably improve with a series of improvements to the A303 trunk road as part of the English Government's Roads Review. Every day 21,000...
Excavations at Cranit (Orkney - Scotland)
In April this year a tractor broke through the roof of a stone built chamber under a field at Crantit Farm in Orkney, uncovering an apparently undisturbed Neolithic tomb. The...
Two Irish henges larger than Stonehenge (Limerick - Ireland)
Irish archaeologists have identified two prehistoric henge enclosures larger than Stonehenge and possibly as old. They also believe that site, just south of Limerick City, may be the lost location...
Broch discovered at the Scatness dig (Shetland - Scotland)
Archaeologists working on the Scatness excavation at the southern tip of Shetland mainland have identified the remains of an Iron Age fortress nearby. Artefacts thought to date from at least...
The oldest tomb in Western Europe (Carrowmore - Ireland)
Swedish archaeologists have identified the oldest tomb in Western Europe. The discovery at Carrowmore, Co. Sligo in Ireland, is being met with a mixture of excitement and scepticism by prehistorians....
3,000-year-old boat is being brought back home (Dover - England)
After a programme of painstaking recovery and conservation, a 3,000-year-old boat is being brought back from Portsmouth ready for reassembly on a specially- created cradle in a new gallery between...
Consultation on proposed UK World Heritage sites
A consultation on the UK sites to be nominated to UNESCO for World Heritage Site status over the next five to ten years was launched by Culture Secretary Chris Smith....

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