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November 1998 index:

25 November 1998
4,000 year old street found in Lebanon
We've found a street with mudbrick houses dating back to 2000BCE and 2500BC, said archaeologist Jean Paul Thalmann, who heads the excavations at Tal Arqa, a 40-metre-high hill 25km north...
Iron Age stately home rises again
As part of a research programme to discover how Iron Age architects built their largest buildings, archaeologists in south-west Wales are recreating a 45ft wide (13.7m) roundhouse on the exact...
Future Improvements at Stonehenge
Great Britain's Culture Secretary Chris Smith spelled out his vision for a more dignified future for Stonehenge, with the traffic removed and new visitor facilities located outside the World Heritage...
Relics looted and recovered from prehistoric cave in France
A Neolithic tomb in southern France has been looted only days after its discovery. Several artifacts are believed to have been stolen from the tomb, which is described by experts...
Early Metal Use Found in Peru
Ancient residents of the Andes Mountains produced delicate gold and copper foils, 1,000 years earlier than archaeologists had previously thought they learned to work metal. Burger and Yale geologist Robert...
Expedition to study ancient Saharan giraffe rock carvings
Archaeologists are planning an expedition to the Sahara desert to study one of the most extraordinary prehistoric works of art yet discovered: a group of giraffes carved on rock. The...

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