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Archaeo News  

March 1999 index:

12 March 1999
Stone Age ax found in Switzerland
During underwater digging at a late Stone Age village in the site in Cham-Eslen, 15 miles south of Zurich (Switzerland), archaeologists have found a stone ax more than 6,000 years...
Miami Circle may be 2,000 years old
Scientific evidence now proves that the site of the Miami circle (see Archaeo News no.3), a 11,6 meter (38-foot) wide stone ring believed to be a sacred site carved by...
Prehistoric altar found in China
A team of Chinese and Japanese archaeologists has excavated a 6,000-year-old altar, believed to be the oldest ever found in China.      The 2,200-square-foot altar, in the shape of an ellipse,...
Saving the Korean megaliths
The Korean Peninsula has over 40 percent of the world's prehistoric stone monuments, which are also destroyed here at the fastest rate in the world. The World Megalithic Association (WMA),...
Tara: enormous henge found
A huge circular structure, usually called a henge, has been discovered by archaeologists on Ireland's Hill of Tara, the former seat of the country's high kings, about 30 miles northwest...
Cyprus ancient settlement listed as World Heritage
Cypriot neolithic settlement of Choirokitia has been inducted into the world cultural heritage list by the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Another 29 sites from various states were...
First meeting of Stonehenge Steering Group
Creating an environment for the monument at Stonehenge worthy of its status as a World Heritage Site is the top priority for the group given the task of realising the...
Puzzling circle unearthed beneath downtown Miami
What is likely prehistoric ruins from an extinct tribe have been unearthed on land slated for a condominium high-rise in Miami (U.S.A.).      The discovery of a perfect circle 38 feet...
Inverted tree found inside timber ring
British Archaeology magazine reports that recent storms have eroded peat deposits on the Norfolk coast near Hunstanton (England), revealing a well-preserved ring of 54 posts set close together to almost...

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