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April 1999 index:

29 April 1999
New lead body to protect English heritage
On 1 April 1999 English Heritage and the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England have been combined to form a lead body for the protection, management and enjoyment...
Double Iron Age burial
East of the village of Lent, north of the city of Nijmegen (the Netherlands), a remarkable Iron Age burial was discovered. Two persons had been buried on top of each...
Turkish Neolithic outpost
Hyk is the Turkish word for a tell, artificial hills that grew as for millennia people built new settlements on the ruins of older ones. Tells are because of their...
Irish tomb aligned to both Sun and Moon
Martin Byrne, a researcher and artist in County Sligo, Ireland, studied for many years the Neolithic tombs at Carrowkeel in the Bricklieve mountains. He thinks that at least one of...
Neolithic ceramic statues found in Romania
Experts of Bukovina's National Museum (Romania) made an exciting archaeological discovery in the village of Mihoveni, near the northern city of Suceava. They have found six small ceramic statues that...
No more fences at Stonehenge
Plans to restore the site around Stonehenge to how it may have been thousands of years ago have been recently announced. The Stonehenge Master Plan, a joint effort of England's...
A 5000-year old Moon map
Dr Philip Stooke of the University of Western Ontario in Canada spends most of his time preparing maps of asteroids based on spacecraft observations, but he has also prepared detailed...

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