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June 1999 index:

10 June 1999
The future of Miami Circle
The preservation of the Miami Circle, the enigmatic stone formation that harkens back to the Tequesta Indians, got a major boost Tuesday when Gov. Jeb Bush and the Florida Cabinet...
Saving a Scottish stone ring
Balgarthno stone circle, a little-known site a few miles to the west of Dundee (Scotland) is under threat of having an Asda superstore built on top of it. This is...
Mexican archaeologists fight developers
With a real estate development in the works, archaeologists are fighting for a chance to study a site they say could provide clues to the fate of an ancient culture...
Earliest known writing found in Pakistan
The first known examples of writing may have been unearthed at an archaeological dig in Pakistan, at a site called Harappa in the region where the great Harappan or Indus...
Ancient tombs unearthed in Shaanxi (China)
Seventeen tombs dating back to the Xia and Shang dynasties (2,100 BCE- 1,100 BCE) have been unearthed at Donglongshan, in Shangzhou City of northwest China's Shaanxi Province.       Archeologists say...
Seahenge taken out of the beach
Seahenge is a Bronze Age circle of wooden posts, recently discovered by a local nature warden when the peat dune covering it was swept away in the Norfolk coast (England)....

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