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July 1999 index:

10 July 1999
Summer solstice clash at Stonehenge
New Age travellers invaded Stonehenge on June 21st, spoiling Summer Solstice celebrations before British riot police moved in to clear the ancient stone circle and arrested 22 people.
Avebury stones under vandals' attack
Two of the ancient standing stones at the Avebury World Heritage site in Wiltshire (England) have been damaged by vandals in what may have been a protest against genetically-modified (GM) crops.
Excavations reveal Taplow prehistoric fort
Archaeological excavations carried out at Taplow Court (England) by the Oxford Archaeological Unit ahead of a building to be constructed on the site have uncovered the defences of a lost prehistoric hillfort.
Seahenge removal postponed
The famous circle of waterlogged wooden posts found on a remote beach in Norfolk, England, (see ArchŠo News 3 and ArchŠo News 6) is transforming our knowledge of Bronze Age...
Bronze Age tomb discovered in Cyprus
When building a slurry lagoon in an area administered by British forces in Cyprus, some workmen have discovered a Bronze Age tomb full of human skeletons.
Restoring the landscape surrounding Stonehenge
Plans for a new road which will help to restore the historical landscape surrounding Stonehenge, were unveiled by British Transport Minister Lord Whitty.

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