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September 1999 index:

11 September 1999
Exciting new discoveries at Avebury
The discovery of a lost "avenue" of slabs at the Avebury stone circle may rewrite the history of the prominent prehistoric site, archeologists said. The large gray stones were discovered under a farmer's field near the site in southern England.
4,000-year-old grave uncovered in Northern Ireland
Archaeologists exploring a site in Northern Ireland have uncovered a 4,000-year-old grave as well as ancient artefacts. The grave was discovered during an excavation in the ruins of Newtownstewart Castle in County Tyrone by the government sponsored archaeological team.
Miami circle: debate over its origin
A prominent Florida archaeologist is resurrecting an alternate theory to explain the origin of the Miami Circle.
Development threatens English prehistoric sites
Planning permissions granted nearly half a century ago will allow the obliteration of a large part of south-west Dartmoor (England) to make way for a "super-quarry" and huge waste tips.
Remains of iceman discovered in Canadian glacier
The discovery of a well-preserved iceman frozen in a melting Canadian glacier has sent a thunderbolt of excitement through the archeological world.
A modern obelisk may overshadow a Neolithic henge
Eden District Council (England) has backed a plan to mark the millennium with a 30-tonne granite memorial designed to last for at least another 1,000 years.

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