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November 1999 index:

18 November 1999
Controversial submerged megalithic temple
Hubert Zeitlmair, a retired German real-estate investor, first went to Malta in 1993. Inspired by the 5,500-year-old megalithic temples he saw on Malta and Gozo and by the books of...
A face carved on a standing stone at Callanish?
A second report of the presence of another carved face, this time on the side of one of the Callanish stones in the Western Isles of Scotland.
Cornish megalithic sites vandalized
The lethal substance, napalm, like that used in the Vietnam war, has been poured over two of Cornish (England) most ancient monuments and then set ablaze.
Miami Circle is nearly 2,000 year old
Archaeologists said that carbon dating tests show that a stone circle discovered at the mouth of the Miami River (Florida, U.S.A.) is a nearly 2,000-year-old trading post.
Amazing underground structure discovered on Orkney
Douglas Paterson, a 37-year-old farmer, with the help of Sandy Firth, 67, a retired teacher, made an amazing discovery at Tankerness on Orkney (Scotland). In just three days, on a...

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