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February 2000 index:

29 February 2000
Prehistoric Landscapes: Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives
Aberdeen University (Scotland) 17 April, 2000A workshop on 'Prehistoric Landscapes: Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives' will be held in Aberdeen University on Monday 17th April 2000 from 2-5pm. The informal workshop...
4 Curso Intensivo da Rede Europeia de Arqueologia
Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (Portugal) 3-9 April, 2000The Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (Portugal) organises, in co-operation with several Universities, an Intensive Course on European Prehistoric Art, partially open to anyone...
Peruvian Nazca Lines in danger
Last month, workers toiled to defend Peru's famed Nazca lines - the mysterious symbols that Indians etched into the ground in Peru's southern desert centuries ago - by digging ditches...
Stoney Littleton reopens to the public
Stoney Littleton is a beautiful long barrow that has suffered a long history of repeated vandalism which forced English Heritage to close the access to the site for several years....
Stone Age clothing more advanced than thought
Think of life for women in the Stone Age and you've probably got them in crudely fashioned dresses made of animal skin, perhaps being dragged across the cave floor by...
Ancient Indian mound still a mystery
No one knows why pre-Columbian American Indians built a serpentine mound on a southern Ohio (U.S.A.) hilltop. And the mysterious formation's age remains a topic of archaeological debate. A...
Neolithic gruesome burial practices
Our Neolithic ancestors moved parts of rotting corpses from one burial place to another as part of an extended funerary ritual, a Cambridge (England) archaeologist claims. Missing hand and foot...
Sound effects inside ancient monuments
In a series of experiments, archaeologist Aaron Watson and acoustics expert David Keating, formerly of Reading University in England, found that many European Neolithic monuments possess unusual acoustic properties that...

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