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April 2000 index:

30 April 2000
Protecting unexcavated Irish sites
Residents and archaeology society members have started a campaign to protect unexcavated archaeological sites from damage during the building of a road, west of Ashbourne, Co Meath (Ireland).       The...
Kennewick Man DNA Studies To Begin
A team of scientists will begin long-delayed studies of the Kennewick Man skeleton this week to help determine whether the controversial 9,000-year-old bones can be linked through DNA and other...
Iron Age warrior found with sword and a mirror
A 2,000-year-old bronze mirror and sword unearthed from a single ancient grave on the Isles of Scilly (Great Britain) are prompting scholars to reassess assumptions about men and women in...
The Stonehenge experiment
Using brawn and primitive technology, volunteers began on April 8th to move a 3-ton stone from Wales to Stonehenge, re-creating the labor of ancient people who are believed to have...
Back to the Neolithic
Archaeologists recently uncovered the site of a Neolithic henge on the edge of the village of Milfield in northern Northumberland (England) and excavated the foundations of this ceremonial monument. On...
A 3,000-year old Welsh gold mine
Archaeologists from British National Trust have hailed the discovery that Dolaucothi gold mine in Carmarthenshire (west Wales) could be as much as 3,000 years old. The evidence has been uncovered...
Nine Ladies Bronze Age stone circle at risk
English Heritage announced that it has commissioned a vital archaeological study of Nine Ladies Stone Circle in the Peak District National Park so that the rapidly deteriorating condition of this...

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