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May 2000 index:

31 May 2000
Prehistoric Technology Workshops
Kilmartin House Trust - 24th & 25th June 2000 Workshops with John Lord, Britain's foremost prehistoric technology expert! Costs 35 pounds sterling per day or 60 for both. Saturday 24...
The Ancient Landscape Network (ASLaN) Conference
Significance, Sustainability and Sacredness - 17th & 18th June 2000 DAY ONE: Saturday 17th June, Bodicote Park, Banbury, Oxfordshire (England) Bodicote Park is a purpose built venue with full disabled...
The misplaced monolith and the disappearing sledge
Canon Markham won his appeal, so Eden District Council (England) will have the right to mark the millennium with a 30-tonne granite memorial designed to last for at least another...
Stonehenge open for the solstice
Stonehenge will be open to the public for the summer solstice for the first time in nearly ten years, English Heritage said. After a decade of violence in the 1980s,...
Prehistoric rock art found in the Lake District
Two of the most significant examples of British prehistoric rock art have been discovered in the Lake District. They are believed to be religious in nature, dating back between 4,000...
School children unearth rock art
Children have unearthed a unique find - possibly dating back 6,000 years - while carrying out an environmental project. Ashover Primary School pupils were helping to make a pond for...
Iron Age settlements found on Shetland
A 4,000-year-old village uncovered in a remote corner of northeastern Britain reveals a community of farmers wealthy enough to forego gloomy, smoky huts for two-story homes built by stonemasons. The...
Large hole has appeared on top of Silbury Hill
Silbury Hill, one of Europe's most significant ancient monuments, has become dangerously unstable after heavy rain caused a gaping hole to open in its surface. The 12m (40ft) deep hole,...

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