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July 2000 index:

2 July 2000
Strategy for the future of Stonehenge
UK Culture Secretary Chris Smith launched the publication of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site Management Plan. The Plan, which is a formal requirement by UNESCO, provides a strategic framework for...
U.S. prehistoric campsite excavated
Archaeologists are uncovering a possible camp site for prehistoric nomads thousands of years ago near Rock Springs (Wyoming, U.S.A.). "This one is just golden," said Terry Del Bene, U.S. Bureau...
Waste plan threats Irish ancient site
Archaeology of "national and international importance" has been identified on one of the proposed sites earmarked for landfill in the draft Connacht Waste Management Plan, in Ireland. ††††† According to...
Summer solstice celebration at Stonehenge
Amid the beating of drums, the sound of cheers - and, in fine English fashion, the pouring rain - thousands of revelers celebrated the summer solstice at the prehistoric monument...
Unforeseen obstacles for the Millennium Stone project
Some experts believe bluestones from the Preseli Hills in southwest Wales were heaved 240 miles on sleds and boats to Stonehenge in about 2150BCE. By 2000BC, sarsen stones were erected,...
Swedish Rock Art site in danger
The rock carvings around Tanum in northern Bohuslšn (in Sweden) runs the risk of being removed from the UNESCO World Heritage List. The reason is the plans by the Swedish...
Skeleton unearthed at Stonehenge was decapitated
An ancient skeleton excavated from Stonehenge (England) has revealed a grisly execution at the famous site. ††††† The skeleton was unearthed in 1923 but was thought to have been destroyed...

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