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March 2001 index:

27 March 2001
Stone Circle in Yemen
Archaeologists stumbled upon remarkable remnants of a lost Bronze Age civilization near Yemen's Red Sea coast. A Stonehenge-like enclosure of granite and basalt monoliths, each more than 3 meters (10...
Suspended reconstruction of an Irish megalithic tomb
A Dúchas spokesman confirmed that due to concerns raised, the reconstruction of a megalithic tomb at Carrowmore, Co Sligo (Ireland), had been suspended "pending an archaeological review of the operation"....
The oldest Bronze Age boat
A boat found more than 40 years ago near Hull has been identified as the oldest of its kind in western Europe. New scientific research carried out on the remains...
Scottish Iron Age burial chariot discovered
Scottish archaeologists have completed an operation to remove an Iron Age chariot from an Edinburgh building site. The chariot, which is thought to have been used in a burial around...
The oldest Rock Art in the Nile Valley
An international team led by the Belgian Royal Museums of Art and History has been studying the petroglyphs of El-Hosh area of Upper Egypt since 1998. The rock art has...
Seahenge would be damaged if reburied?
Seahenge is one of the most enigmatic prehistoric monuments recently discovered. It dates from 2050 BCE and emerged three years ago on the beach near the village of Holme-next-the-Sea (Norfolk...

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