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Archaeo News  

October 2001 index:

22 October 2001
Prehistoric brewing: the true story
On issue 18 of Archaeo News we mentioned the research of Merryn Dineley, a historian from Manchester University. Our news was a condensed version of an article originally published by...
Ancient tombs found in Cyprus
Four ancient tombs were found in Limassol (Cyprus) during work on the town's sewers. The Antiquities Department says the Bronze Age tombs are of significant archaeological value. Several vases and...
Neolithic art discovered on Greek island
Rare Neolithic stone carvings depicting sailing ships, animals and fish have been discovered on the Aegean island of Andros (Greece).       The carvings into the rock walls of the Strofilas...
Bronze Age tombs found in UAE
Archaeologists in Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates) have discovered 50 to 60 tombs dating back to the Wadi Soq era which flourished between 2,000 and 1,300 BCE during the...
Megaliths as social change indicators
In Saint-Just, a village in central Brittany, is one of the largest collections of neolithic monuments in northern France. Giant quartz blocks straggle across the hillside, some weighing up to...
A Bronze Age settlement in Londonderry?
Londonderry (Northern Ireland) could be on the verge of a major archaeological find. Two areas of archaeological potential have been discovered at the site of a proposed huge housing development...
Prehistoric cave paintings much older than previously thought
New radiocarbon dating techniques may force art historians to think again about how art evolved. Art experts believe early art started out with very rudimentary figures and gradually progressed to...
Irish Bronze Age trove found at sewage site
A sewage scheme in Co Limerick (Ireland) has unearthed a rich vein of archaeological treasures. The scheme, at Castleconnell on the banks of the River Shannon, has yielded a range...
The future of Seahenge
Seahenge, the Bronze Age timber circle that was recovered from the seashore at Holme, Norfolk (England), is to be saved and conserved for future generations. This course of action, proposed...

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