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November 2001 index:

28 November 2001
Ötzi's Dinner
Almost a decade has passed since the frozen body of a Stone Age man now called Ötzi was discovered in the Ötztal Alps on the border between Italy and Austria,...
Dolphin skull discovered at site of Miami circle
A dolphin skull has been discovered at Miami's (USA) mysterious stone Indian ruins. Officials said it is the first such discovery at an archaeological site outside the Pacific Northwest.      ...
Meteor clue to end of Middle East civilisations
Scientists have found the first evidence that a devastating meteor impact in the Middle East might have triggered the mysterious collapse of civilisations more than 4,000 years ago.       Studies...
1,470 ancient tombs found in Central China
Chinese archaeologists have found over 1,470 ancient tombs dating back over 3,000 years near Zhengzhou, capital of central China's Henan Province. More than 100 pieces of bronzeware and over 3,000...
News on Seahenge
The famous 4,000-year-old Bronze Age timber circle discovered on a Norfolk beach (England), known as Seahenge, should be conserved rather than returned to its original site, says English Heritage. Despite...
Ancient standing stone recovered
An amateur historian has found a lost standing stone in his own "back garden" - 18 months after beginning a search for it.       Stephen Davis and historian friend Clare...
Massive Iron Age hillfort unearthed
English Heritage archaeologists announced that they had finally discovered a massive long-lost prehistoric fortress. Traces of the sophisticated complex on precipitous Roulston Scar, near Thirsk in North Yorkshire (England), have...
"Sensational" Bronze Age village found near Pompeii
Italian archaeologists have found what might be the best preserved Bronze Age village in the world. The prehistoric settlement has been uncovered near Pompeii (Italy), more than 3,500 years after...

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