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January 2003 index:

13 January 2003
First Stone Age flints found in Abu Dhabi
Archaeological excavations near Abu Dhabi International Airport (United Arab Emirates) have yielded new information on human habitation at the site during the Late Stone Age or Neolithic period 8,000 to...
Found traces of an ancient Native American civilization
High above the banks of the Assabet River, in the southernmost tip of Acton (Massachusetts, U.S.A.), archaeologists have found traces of an ancient Native American civilization that dates back as...
9,000-year-old tools uncovered in Northern Ireland
Hunting tools believed to be 9,000 years old have been uncovered during a road development near Toome Bypass (County Antrim, Northern Ireland). The finds are the most significant discovery in...
Cattle make way for ancient rock carvings
Cattle have trampled for the last time on one of the finest prehistoric "art galleries" in Britain, thanks to a stewardship deal organised by the local farmer. Duncan Ord, whose...
Bronze Age ring cairn found in Yorkshire
The discovery of a Bronze Age ring cairn and other items of historical importance at a site near Kettlewell, follows two years' work by Dr Roger Martlew and a group...
The oldest burial object?
They have called it Excalibur, though it was plucked from a pit of bones rather than the stone of Arthurian legend. To the ordinary eye it is a hand-sized, triangular...
Stonehenge tunnel approved
Plans for a tunnel through hills near Stonehenge in Wiltshire have been approved. The 1.3-mile tunnel to upgrade the A303 past the famous ring of stones will cost 183m and...

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