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April 2003 index:

23 April 2003
Prehistoric finds unearthed in Norfolk
A Bronze Age axe mould is among the 17,000 significant finds discovered by Norfolk fieldwalkers and metal detectorists last year and taken to the Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service for...
Irish megalithic sites linked to the Sun and the Moon
Tombs at the archaeological site of Loughcrew in County Meath align with the rising Sun at the spring and autumn equinoxes. The inside of the chambers are spectacularly illuminated by...
Achavanich circle damaged by lay-by
Highland Council workers were preparing to tarmac over historic ruins to create a lay-by for visitors to the standing stones at Achavanich, a 4000-year-old ancient monument near Lybster (Scotland), before...
3,000-year-old gold ring found in Wales
A 3,000-year-old gold ring has been found by a metal detector enthusiast in Wales. Swansea and Gower Coroner Richard Morgan declared the Bronze Age "hair ring," discovered by 38-year-old Nigel...
Found the oldest religious icon in Americas
Gourd fragments unearthed in Peru have pushed back clear evidence of religion in the Americas by a thousand years, to 2250 BCE. The two key pieces are incised with an...
Stone Age dagger hauled out of a German lake
A Stone Age dagger dropped into a southern German lake 5,000 years ago has been fished out of the mud more or less intact, complete with its wooden handle. "It's...
Striking findings at Avebury
Work has begun in Wiltshire (England) to straighten two huge prehistoric standing stones which had started to lean at a precarious angle. The twin megaliths stand near the centre of...

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