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June 2007 index:

3 June 2007
Hillfort heritage revealed by a new book
'Hillforts - Prehistoric strongholds of Northumberland National Park ' is a new book launched on the 15th of May 2007 by English Heritage; it is an eye-opening new investigation of hillforts, the iconic prehistoric...
2,000-year-old site in Ohio to be auctioned off
Time is running out for one of ancient Native America's most untouched and unusual sacred places. On June 14, Spruce Hill Works, a vast 2,000-year-old hilltop earthworks enclosure in Ohio...
Excavations at Cypriot site completed
A University of Edinburgh/Lemba Archaeological Research Centre team, under the directorship of Professor Edgar Peltenburg, has completed four weeks of excavations at Souskiou-Laona and unveiled ancient burial sites which provided...
Paleolithic graves raise questions about human sacrifice
A new paper from the June issue of Current Anthropology explores ancient multiple graves and raises the possibility that hunter gatherers in what is now Europe may have practiced ritual...
Ancient Scottish sites at risk from erosion by the sea
Key coastal sites which tell the story of Scotland's ancient past are in danger of being washed away, experts warned. Archaeologists said that historic treasures could be lost forever unless...
Group to protect prehistoric site in California
The archaeologist at the Malibu (California, USA) location where an authenticated Clovis cultural era spear point was found in 2005 has announced the formation of a group to try to...
Volunteers invited to help unearth Neolithic mound
A Neolithic long mound at Warden (Northumberland, England) is to be excavated in a two-week project. Long mounds, which are also called long cairns and long barrows, were generally constructed...
Bronze Age finds in Cornwall
Archaeologists working on the site of the A38 Dobwalls bypass in Cornwall (England) have uncovered finds from the early Bronze Age dating back almost 4,000 years. Initial investigation carried out...
Vandalism of petroglyphs in Utah spurs probe
As many as 35 shots were fired at ancient petroglyphs near Fillmore (Utah, USA), and federal officials say the damage is irreparable. The rock panels were damaged last month by...
Ancient Tasmanians had wombats on their menus
During the last ice age, winter temperatures outside rock shelters in south-western Tasmania (Australia) plummeted to 15 degrees below zero. Summers were cool and short. The terrain was rugged. But...
Does Stonehenge deserve to be a World Heritage site?
A former British Transport and Heritage minister is calling for Stonehenge to be removed from the list of World Heritage sites. Salisbury's Conservative MP Robert Key says money for overdue...

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