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April 2012 index:

11 April 2012
Iron Age hillfort in Wiltshire to undergo major repairs
Major repairs are to begin on a 2,000-year-old Iron Age hill fort in Wiltshire (England), damaged by off-road biking. Roddenbury Hillfort, on the Longleat Estate near Warminster, has been 'significantly...
Prehistoric monolith may be astronomically aligned
Researchers at the Nottingham Trent University have gathered new evidence that a 4000-year-old monolith was aligned to be an astronomical marker. The 2.2 meter high monument, located at a ridge...
Ancient skeleton found in Taiwan linked to Polynesia
A human skeleton formally buried almost 8000 years ago on a small strategic island off China's coast is creating excitement that it may represent a direct line to New Zealand's...
12 April 2012
Survey in Scotland reveals cluster of ancient cairns
Seven massive Neolithic cairns and 300 new Bronze and Iron Age sites have been found in Caithness following the first large-scale survey of its kind to be undertaken in Scotland....
Woolly mammoth carcass may have been cut into by humans
The discovery of a well-preserved juvenile woolly mammoth suggests that ancient humans 'stole' mammoths from hunting lions. Bernard Buigues of the Mammuthus organisation acquired the frozen mammoth from tusk hunters...
Western Europe's 'earliest string instrument' found in Scotland
The small burnt and broken piece of carved wood was found during an excavation in a cave on the Isle of Skye. Archaeologists say it is likely to be part...
Urn burial site discovered in southern India
A vast urn-burial site has been found at Mandapam, about 14 kilometres from Kancheepuram (Tamil Nadu, India), and dated to 1,800 to 1,500 BCE - 3,800 to 3,500 years before...
13 April 2012
Palaeolithic rock art at risk in Egypt
In 2007, one of the most important recent archaeological discoveries in Egypt was made in Wadi Abu Subeira, near Aswan: A team led by Adel Kelany of the Supreme Council...
Ancient buildings and fields found on Welsh island
A team of archaeologists have found remains of prehistoric buildings and fields on Skomer Island - a nature reserve off the Pembrokeshire coast of southwest Wales - finding buried ditches...
17 April 2012
Is this the first evidence of fire?
Deep in a cave on the edge of the Kalahari Desert (South Africa) researchers have found what could possibly be the earliest record of fire found so far. The cave...
Extinction of Australian megafauna explained
The story of an incoming population obliterating the indigenous population is not a new one. New studies in Australia have confirmed that the original incoming first Australians, over 40,000 years...
19 April 2012
Ancient cairns found in Scotland on wind farm area
In the far north of Scotland, in Caithness, wind is in abundance. So it is not surprising that a survey of Neolithic horned cairns has been sponsored, to the tune...
Prehistoric animal remains discovered in Irish cave
Excavations at a cave near Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare (Ireland) have led archaeologist Dr Marion Dowd, of the School of Science, Institute of Technology, Sligo, to speculate that a piece of...
Modern technology helps identify ancient Peruvian mounds
Anthropology professor emeritus Robert Benfer, of the University of Missouri (USA), has been using Google Earth images to help him confirm his discovery of ancient, gigantic animal shaped mounds. The...

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