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June 2013 index:

2 June 2013
Island off the Australian coast surveyed on ancient human life
A new archaeological survey will investigate human occupation sites at Barrow Island - a 202 km2 (78 sq mi) island located 50 kilometres (31 mi) northwest off the coast of...
First ever prehistoric fashion show announced
The world's first prehistoric fashion show will take place in London (England) during the upcoming international Humanities festival sponsored by archaeologists at the University of Southampton and the Natural History...
Scouts restore Long Man of Wilmington
A 235ft (72m) ancient chalk carving thought to be an Iron Age symbol of fertility has been repainted by British Scouts. The Long Man of Wilmington (East Sussex, England) was...
3 June 2013
Thousands of prehistoric artefacts returned to Greece
An archaeological open-air museum in southern Germany - consisting of reconstructions of stilt houses from the Neolithic and Bronze Age - will return 8,000 pottery fragments from the Neolithic Era,...
Early Palaeolithic sites in Northern China
The Danjiangkou area is a pivotal region for human migration and cultural communication between south and north China. The discovery of hominid fossils and abundant Palaeolithic sites highlight its significant...
Iron in ancient Egyptian relics came from space
After carefully analysing a 5,000-year-old iron bead from Egypt, a team of specialists reached the conclusion that it is made from a meteorite. The iron bead is shaped like a...
7 June 2013
The origins of the spear
It has proved quite a challenge to identify the stage at which early man transitioned from short range (and dangerous) hunting by stabbing with a spear, and took the more...
Bahrain preserves its heritage
Recent excavations in Bahrain have uncovered the remains of a settlement once inhabited by the enigmatic Dilmun civilization. This ancient civilization, said to date to the third millennium BCE, was...
Rare Greek Neanderthal site found
Until recently, evidence of Neanderthal settlement on the Greek peninsular had been very scarce. Now new excavations at the Kalamakia Middle Paleolithic Cave site, in southern Greece, have been yielding...

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