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February 2014 index:

6 February 2014
Storms unearth Neolithic bog in Ireland
The storms that battered Ireland's countryside and coastlines have exposed evidence of life dating back to the Neolithic period on Connemara's Omey island. Large linear archaeological deposits of up to...
Scottish fort reveals edge of steel
Archaeologists have identified the earliest use of steel in the British Isles from a site in East Lothian (Scotland). They now believe artifacts recovered from the site of the Broxmouth...
Connections with Europe found in ancient Jordanian settlement
Archaeologists in Jordan led by Professor Peter M. Fischer from the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) have excavated a nearly 60-metre long well-preserved building from 1100 BCE in the ancient settlement...
14 February 2014
8,000 years old grain storage discovered in Turkey
The largest amount of grain from the Neolithic known in the Middle East has been discovered in a perfect state of preservation has been discovered in Çatalhöyük (Turkey). "In a...
Stone Age fishing spear found on Asian island
A 35,000-year-old piece of carved bone found on Timor, an island between Java and Papua New Guinea, indicates that complex hunting weapons were manufactured much earlier than previously thought in...
Building from 2,200 BCE discovered in Ecuador
Archaeologists discovered a building from around 2,200 BCE in an archaeological and ecological park in Quito (Ecuador) at the foot of Pichincha Volcano. "It is the most ancient archaeological find...
15 February 2014
300,000-year-old hearth found in Israel
By most estimates, humans discovered fire over a million years ago, but when they really began to control and use it for their daily needs is still debated. A team...
Dartmoor tomb grave goods examined
Archaeologists from around the UK have been examining prehistoric jewellery, animal pelts, and amber beads - among the finds unearthed about two years ago in a undisturbed 4,000-year-old tomb on...
16 February 2014
Millennia-old fabric found in Turkey
Continuing excavations in the earliest settlement of Çatalhöyük in the central Anatolian province of Konya (Turkey) have revealed a 9,000-year-old piece of linen fabric in the ground of a burned...
Dating refined for Atapuerca site
Most scientific debate of the Atapuerca sites - located in Spain, where the earliest known Hominins in West Europe have been discovered - centres around the dating of strata where...
800,000-year-old footprints found in England
Archaeologists discovered human footprints in England that are between 800,000 and 1 million years old - the most ancient outside Africa, and the earliest evidence of human life in northern...
17 February 2014
Nordic people drank wine 3,000 years ago
Based on chemical evidence derived from ancient drinking vessels from Demark and Sweden, researchers have added imported grape wine to the list of local ingredients of Bronze Age 'grog', which...
Plants used in Middle Eastern prehistoric rituals
Cavemen in ancient Israel not only buried their dead with flowers, they apparently had an advanced culture of plant use. The earliest evidence of using flower beds for burial, some...
Clovis skeleton reveals origins of Native Americans
Clovis skeleton reveals origins of Native Americans The remains of a one-year-old Ice Age boy who died 12,600 years ago were discovered near a rock cliff on the Anzick ranch...
23 February 2014
3D modeling of Welsh megalithic sites
HeritageTogether is project run by Bangor, Aberystwyth and Manchester Metropolitan Universities in conjunction with Gwynedd Archaeological Trust and funded by British Arts and Humanities Research Council. The aim of this...
11,000-year-old settlement found under Baltic sea
Evidence of a Stone-Age settlement that may have been swallowed whole by the Baltic Sea has resurfaced near Sweden, revealing a collection of well preserved artifacts left by nomads some...
28 February 2014
Ancient Britons 'loved dairy food'
A large-scale investigation of British archaeological sites dating from about 4600 BCE to 1400 CE reveals the ancestors of modern Britain embraced a 'convenience food' lifestyle about 6000 years ago...
Bronze Age woman found in Highland woods
Aged between 40 and 44 at the time of death, the remains found in a cist at Cullaird Wood in West Torbreck near Inverness (Scotland) two years ago are believed...
Neolithic altar discovered in China
Archaeologists have discovered altar relics outside the walls of the Shimao Ruins - a Neolithic city in Shenmu County, in the north of Shaanxi province, northwest China. Shimao Ruins were...

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