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April 2014 index:

1 April 2014
European hunter-gatherers had blue eyes and dark skin
A study conducted by Carles Lalueza-Fox, a researcher at the Spanish National Research Council's Institute of Evolutionary Biology, says that the individual known as La Braa 1, whose 7,000 year...
Earliest complete example of human cancer found
In 2013 the skeleton of an adult male was found in a tomb at the Amara West site in northern Sudan. Dated to 1200 BCE, he is estimated to have...
Excavation of Neolithic chambered tomb on Anglesey
A team from the Welsh Rock Art Organisation has begun excavating Ynys Môn's least-known Neolithic chambered tomb - Perthi Duon, on Anglesey, in northwest Wales - one of eighteen existing...
6 April 2014
'New' housing development at Stonehenge
Back in 2006 the remains of some Neolithic houses were discovered at Durrington Walls, close to Stonehenge (Wiltshire, England). The remains were dated at 2,500 BCE, which was approximately the...
12 April 2014
Scottish standing stone returns to its age-old position
It has taken several weeks, a team of experts and two diggers, but an ancient monument in Highland Perthshire (Scotland) is standing proud once again. The Dane's Stone has been...
Evidence of first human settlers in Scotland
An assemblage of over 5,000 flint artefacts was recovered in 2005 by Biggar Archaeology Group in fields at Howburn, near Biggar in South Lanarkshire (Scotland), and subsequent studies have dated...
Log boat dating back 4,500 years found in Ireland
A 4,500-year-old log boat is among 12 early Bronze Age, Iron Age and medieval craft that have been located in Lough Corrib (co. Galway and co. Mayo, Ireland), along with...
Vandals damage rock art in Northumberland
Vandals carved into the historic rock art at Lordenshaw in Rothbury, Northumberland (England). Police are appealing for information after the rock panel near the Simonside Hills was targeted by vandals...
13 April 2014
New insights on ancient Portuguese horse engraving
Archaeologists Professor Dr George Nash and Dr Sara Garcês from the Earth and Memory Institute (ITM) in Central Portugal have been conducting fieldwork within the lower section of the Ocreza...
15 April 2014
4,000-year-old pit houses found in Arizona
A major ancient human settlement possibly dating back 4,000 years - including pit houses, the likely remnants of an irrigation canal, and human burials - has been discovered under the...
Prehistoric DNA paints more complex picture of human evolution
According to Dr Mike Bunce, a researcher at Curtin University's Trace and Environmental DNA Laboratory, the ability to look deeper into fossils - past the traditional methods of simply carbon-dating...
Bronze Age chronology revised by ancient weather report
An inscription on a 3,500-year-old stone block from Egypt may be one of the world's oldest weather reports, and could provide new evidence about the chronology of events in the...
27 April 2014
Earliest evidence of gigantism-like disease found in California
The remains of a man buried 3,800 years ago in a richly decorated California grave bear unusual but unmistakable features - protruding brow, lantern jaw, thick leg and arm bones,...
Excavations explore 6,000-year-old settlement in Israel
The Ein el-Jarba site, in the Jezreel valley of what is now northern Israel, has been yielding finds that are beginning to tell a story of a people who lived...

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