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May 2014 index:

20 May 2014
Prehistoric rock shelter discovered in India
A team of archaeologists has discovered a prehistoric rock shelter near the Nedumala caves at the Piralimattom hills in Majalloor grama panchayat of Ernakulam district, bordering Idukki (Southern India). The...
Thieves destroy ancient rock painting in Spain
A 5,000 year-old rock painting in southern Spain has been destroyed by thieves who tried to steal the Unesco World Heritage-listed artwork by chipping it off the cave wall where...
New project aims to protect Orcadian monuments
The impact of renewable energy projects on the world-famous Skara Brae monuments in Orkney (Scotland) is being researched as part of a new management plan aimed at protecting the site....
4,700-year-old skeleton found in Vietnam
Vietnamese archaeologists have found a 4,700-year-old skeleton in the southern province of Long An (Vietnam). The skeleton, believed to be that of a 1.5 meter tall human being, was found...
Scottish bypass works reveal ancient artefacts
A bypass project in southern Scotland has unearthed a 'remarkable' haul of ancient artefacts. Work is almost complete on the scheme at Dunragit in Dumfries and Galloway. Scottish Transport Minister...
22 May 2014
Amesbury confirmed as oldest settlement in Britain
Following a landmark discovery by archaeologists, Amesbury - the nearest town to Stonehenge - has been declared the oldest continuous settlement in Britain, a title previously held by Thatcham, 65...
Ancient mound complex found in Peru
The Paracas culture existed from around 800 to 100 BCE. Recent archaeological research on the south coast of Peru has revealed a Late Paracas mound complex in the middle Chincha...
23 May 2014
Prehistoric hunting structure discovered beneath Lake Huron
Underwater archaeologists have discovered a 9,000-year-old caribou hunting drive lane under Lake Huron, providing unprecedented insight into the social and seasonal organisation of early peoples in the Great Lakes region...
What caused a 1300-year deep freeze?
About 12,800 years ago, the last Ice Age was coming to an end. Mammoths and other large mammals roamed North America, and humans were beginning to settle down and cultivate...
25 May 2014
Dating and DNA show Palaeo-American connection
Anthropologists have long puzzled over why Native Americans don't look more like their ancient ancestors. The ancient skulls are larger, their faces are narrower and more forward-projecting, and more closely...
31 May 2014
5,000 years of violence in Central California
In an effort to understand one of western North America's most populous regions, anthropologists catalogued signs of violence in burials between the Sierra Nevada and the San Francisco Bay from...
Stonehenge was 'London of the Mesolithic'
Archaeologists now say the giant monuments of Stonehenge were built by indigenous hunters and homemakers rather than Neolithic new builders. The bones of red deer, wild boar, and aurochs found...

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