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January 2015 index:

4 January 2015
New project to reveal history of unusual Scottish hill fort
A three-year project due to start in 2015 will include the first ever archaeological excavations of the ancient Dun Deardail hill fort, high on a rocky knoll near Ben Nevis,...
Farming made human bones fragile
A team of researchers has shown that human bones have become significantly lighter and weaker since the advent of farming, when humans experienced a dramatic shift from foraging to a...
Mystery of ancient chinese civilisation's disappearance
An archaeological site unearthed in China in 1986 revealed a lost Chinese civilisation called Sanxingdui. A new theory suggests the ancient culture may have moved 3,000 years ago after catastrophic...
7 January 2015
Massive ancient underground city discovery in Turkey
Under a conical hill in Turkey's central Anatolian province of Nevsehir is a city with tunnels wide enough for a car to pass. The city is thought to date back...
Evidence of sacrificial practices found at 6,000 year old temple in Ukraine
Archaeologists exploring the remains of a 6,000 year old temple in Ukraine have found evidence of complex sacrificial practices at the site. The temple, thought to belong to the ancient...
4,000-year-old copper crown unearthed in India
Archaeologists uncovered a 4,000-year-old copper crown in the village of Chandayan, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. According to Dr. Rakesh Tewari, the director general of the Archaeological...
11 January 2015
Scottish Iron Age farm had commanding view
Ravelrig Hill is a prominent feature of the Edinburgh landscape, with stunning views over Edinburgh and the Forth Estuary. Back in the late 18th Century the Rev William Nisbet identified...
13 January 2015
8,000 year old remains of olive oil found in Israel
Today we take olive oil for granted, being widely used and available in both supermarkets and local shops, but have you ever stopped to think how long we may have...
Study casts doubt on mammoth-killing cosmic impact
The latest study to discredit the controversial theory that a cosmic impact 12,900 years ago triggered the Younger Dryas cold period comes from the University of California, Davis. The Younger...
17 January 2015
The origins of ancient dogs in the Americas
A new study suggests that dogs may have first arrived in the Americas only about 10,000 years ago, thousands of years after the first human migrants. The largest analysis so...
30 tombs, 28 chariots, 98 horse skeletons found in China
Archaeologists from Beijing University have discovered a group of 30 tombs, 28 chariots and 49 pairs of horse skeletons dating back 2,800 years in Zaoyang city, Hubei Province in eastern...
Discovery of 5000-year old archeological site in Iran
An archeological site dated to three millennia BCE has been identified and primary archeological examination conducted at Badoroud, a suburb of the city of Natanz, on the western edge of...
18 January 2015
Artefact production ceased when Hopewell culture collapsed
The Hopewell Culture was a centre for cultural excellence for Native Americans in the northeast and Midwest of USA, across the period ranging from 200 BCE to 500 CE. At...
Neanderthals were able to make advanced tools
A multi-purpose bone tool dating from the Neanderthal era has been discovered in France by University of Montreal researchers, throwing into question our current understanding of the evolution of human...
19 January 2015
Dairy was an important food source in the Irish Neolithic
New research from the University of Bristol in southwest England reveals that dairy farming in Ireland dates back approximately 6,000 years. Dr Jessica Smyth of Bristol's School of Chemistry led...
Mysterious stone construction investigated in Israel
Israeli archeologists originally thought that a stone feature, located in Northern Israel and known as the Jethro Cairn, was part of an ancient city found near the Sea of Galilee....
29 January 2015
The Giant's Quoit restoration project
In the heart of Cornwall (UK), at Carwynnen, is a field known locally as the Devil's Frying Pan. Located in that field is the now fully restored 6,000 year old...

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