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June 2015 index:

29 June 2015
Prehistoric statuettes found in Peru
Researchers in Peru have discovered a trio of statuettes they believe were created by the ancient Caral civilization some 3,800 years ago. The mud statuettes were found inside a reed...
Early Bronze Age sun-disc revealed to the public
For the first time, an early Bronze Age sun-disc from Monkton Farleigh in Wiltshire (England) is being exhibited for public view at the Wiltshire Museum, in time for this year's...
5,500-year-old fingerprint found on Danish vessel
Danish archaeologists doing a survey ahead of the construction of the Femern Belt link scheme, an immersed tunnel that will connect the German island of Fehmarn with the Danish island...
30 June 2015
Cornwall was scene of prehistoric gold rush
New archaeological research is revealing that south-west Britain was the scene of a prehistoric gold rush. Geological estimates now indicate that up to 200 kilos of gold was extracted in...
Volunteers help restore ramparts of Northumberland hillfort
Volunteers from Northumberland National Park (North East England) have seen the culmination of many years of work as major conservation started to repair the crumbling ramparts of Harehaugh Hillfort in...
Iron Age warrior lived with arrowhead in spine
A horrific spinal injury caused by a bronze arrowhead didn't immediately kill an Iron Age warrior, who survived long enough for his bone to heal around the metal point, a...

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