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November 2015 index:

23 November 2015
DNA links Native Americans to infants in Alaskan grave
University of Utah scientists deciphered maternal genetic material from two babies buried together at an Alaskan campsite 11,500 years ago. They found the infants had different mothers, and were the...
5,000-year-old tomb discovered in Ireland
A hilltop tomb close to the edge of Tievebaun (Taobh Ban, or 'grassy slope') mountain in County Leitrim, about 300 kilometres west of Dublin, may be more than 5,000 years...
'Fourth strand' of European ancestry identified
The first sequencing of genomes from human remains of the Late Upper Palaeolithic period has revealed a previously unknown 'fourth strand' of ancient European ancestry. Previously, ancient Eurasian genomes had...
24 November 2015
Early ancestors turned disability into advantage
A new evolutionary theory explains how critically small populations of early humans survived, despite an increased chance of hereditary disabilities being passed to offspring. Dr Isabelle Winder, from the Department...
25 November 2015
Nature reserve in Scotland yields prehistoric artefacts
There is a nature reserve on Inner Hebrides of Coll, in Scotland (UK). The reserve is managed by RSPB Scotland (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). Recently a team...
Escargots were not invented by the French
You may think that France developed the culinary delight that is escargot but recent finds in North Africa could dispel that myth. A combined team of archaeologists from Liverpool John...
Bronze Age enclosure discovered in Devon
Tithebarn Green, Redhayes, Exeter (UK) is an area or rural Devon which has been ear marked for a development of up to 930 dwellings, under the watchful eye of CPRE...
28 November 2015
Mining in the Alps dates back to the Bronze Age
Mining in the Alps dates back much further than previously thought - in the Austrian region of Montafon since the Bronze Age. Thanks to C14 dating, a group of researchers...
Prehistoric monument in Golan Heights fuels mystery
One of the most mysterious structures in the Middle East is easy to miss. The prehistoric stone monument went unnoticed for centuries in a bare expanse of field on the...

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