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April 2016 index:

13 April 2016
Ancient DNA sheds new light on early Americans
The first large-scale study of ancient DNA from early American people has confirmed the devastating impact of European colonisation on the indigenous American populations of the time. Led by the...
Smashed skulls suggest large European battle 3,200 years ago
In 1996, an amateur archaeologist found a human arm bone sticking out of a steep bank of the Tollense River in northern Germany. Firmly embedded in one end was a...
Traces of ancient humans found in Vietnam
In what has been described as a breakthrough, Vietnamese and Russian archaeologists have found valuable artifacts in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai that they say belonged to ancient...
6,000-year-old village uncovered in Iran
Archaeologists in Kurdistan (Iran) have uncovered remains of a village, probably settled during sixth millennia BCE, located in the Sanandaj area. Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization Research House public relations office...
Neanderthals infected by diseases carried by humans?
A new study suggests that Neanderthals across Europe may well have been infected with diseases carried out of Africa by waves of anatomically modern humans, or Homo sapiens. As both...
23 April 2016
Untouched Bronze Age burial mound discovered in England
Archaeology crowdfunding platform 'DigVentures' has launched a campaign to excavate a rare unexplored Bronze Age barrow in the northwest of England, in what will be the first scientific excavation of...
Uncovering the mystery of very early humans in New Mexico
Between 9,000 and 13,000 years ago, bison were attracted to extensive wetlands to the west of what is now the city of Socorro, in central New Mexico USA. In the...
3,000-year-old bison hunting site found in Arizona
Researchers have made a surprise discovery at the well-known Cave Creek Midden site in the desert upland of southeast Arizona, close to the border with Mexico - a 3,000-year-old bison...

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