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August 2016 index:

9 August 2016
Evolution of Neolithic societies in Orkney
The traditional understanding of the Neolithic period in Orkney has long been of a game of two halves, represented by completely different cultural packages: the early phase in the 4th...
14 August 2016
Rare skeletal remains found in Iron Age village
A major excavation is underway in rural Dorset (England), near the modern day village of Winter borne Kingston. The team of archaeologists from Bournemouth University are actually uncovering the remains...
What drove northern European Neanderthals to cannibalism?
An intriguing puzzle is unravelling around the collection of bones which have accumulated over numerous digs over two centuries, from the Troisieme caverne de Goyet, in Belgium. State of the...
22 August 2016
Was China the cradle of modern man, not Africa?
Back in 1929, in caves just outside the Chinese capital of Beijing, an amazing discovery was made of a 500,000 year old skull, which was rapidly nicknamed Peking Man (the...
23 August 2016
Ancient remains found in Peru
In the hillsides of Lima's northern district of Los Olivos (Peru), a team of researchers, led by archaeologist Luis Angel Flores Blanco, uncovered skeletal remains bundled up in a funerary...
Large Bronze Age mound discovered in northwest China
Archaeologists in Xinjiang (northwest China) discovered a Bronze Age stone mound that is probably the largest and best preserved of its kind. Wu Xinhua, the team's leading archaeologist, said that...
First Bell Beaker earthwork enclosure found in Spain
Archaeologists from the Tübingen collaborative research center ResourceCultures have discovered an earthwork enclosure in southern Spain dating from the Bell Beaker period of 2,600 to 2,200 BCE. The complex of...
Ancient camping site unearthed in India
A camping site dating back to 8500 BCE has been unearthed in Ladakh, in Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The newly discovered site indicates that humans were as interested...
4,500 years old grave discovered in Siberia
The intriguing find of the remains of a 'noblewoman' from the ancient Okunev Culture was made at the Itkol II burial site, in the Shira district of the Republic of...
28 August 2016
250,000-year-old butchering tools found in Jordan
New research reveals surprisingly sophisticated adaptations by early humans living 250,000 years ago in a former oasis near what is now Azraq, in northwest Jordan, where stone tools bear the...
Britain's last hunter-gatherers discovered
Using an innovative new bone collagen analysis technique, archaeologists from the Universities of York, Cambridge, and University College London have identified rare human bones dating to the Late Mesolithic era,...
Bronze Age mausoleum unearthed in Kazakhstan
The discovery of a 3,000-year-old pyramid-shaped mausoleum in northern Kazakhstan has gone viral, with several media outlets proclaiming the structure to be the world's first pyramid. Archaeologists say the structure,...
30 August 2016
Astronomy shown to be set in ancient stone monuments
Research has for the first time statistically proven that the earliest standing stone monuments of Britain were oriented with the Sun and Moon. The study details the use of innovative...
Prehistoric settlement unearthed on Scottish island
Archaeologists have uncovered traces of buildings from about 2500 years ago on the small Hebridean island of Iona, off the west coast of Scotland, including the remains of a two-metre...

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