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September 2016 index:

26 September 2016
Significant Bronze age burial find in Cyprus
A team of archaeologists from Sweden's University of Gothenburg have been carrying out excavations and research in Cyprus for the last seven years. This season they have made a substantial...
Oetzi the Iceman was an agropastorialist, as well as a hunter
Ever since his discovery in the Italian Alps in 1991, scientists and researchers have been working on the remains of Oetzi the Iceman, trying to elicit as much information as...
New research throws light on ancient stone artifacts
A mixed team of archaeologists and scientists at the Indiana University (USA) have been throwing some very sophisticated analytical study at a group of stones, collectively dating from 1.8 million...
27 September 2016
Amazing rock art panel studied and then reburied in Scotland
A prehistoric stone panel said to be the 'most important in Europe' had been unearthed for the first time in more than 50 years in Clydebank (West Dunbartonshire, Scotland). The...
Neolithic tomb in Orkney to close over safety fears
One of Orkney's most popular ancient landmarks is to be closed to the public due to concerns over safety. Historic Environment Scotland (HES) has announced that Maes Howe, the biggest...
World's oldest snowshoe found on an Italian glacier
Scientists in Italy's Dolomite mountains have unveiled what they believe to be the world's oldest snowshoe. Carbon-dating has shown that the rudimentary snow shoe, made of birch wood and twine,...
New broch site unearthed in Scotland
The remains of what could be an Iron Age broch have been identified in a loch near Whiteness (Shetland, Scotland) by a researcher from the University of Aberdeen. Michael Stratigos...
28 September 2016
Burnt cheese casts light on 3,000 year-old family drama
A clay pot has been unearthed during an archaeological excavation in central Jutland, Denmark. Museum Silkeborg curator and archaeologist Kaj Rasmussen says: "We found the clay pot in what was...
What Oetzi the Iceman sounded like
We know what Oetzi was wearing when he died more than 5,000 years ago. We know how many tattoos he had. Now scientists have recreated the "best possible approximation" of...

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