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October 2016 index:

3 October 2016
'World's earliest rock art' in Western Australia
A three year project documenting, analysing, and dating more than 200 rock art sites in the northwest Kimberley region of Western Australia has identified what may be the longest, most...
Ancient artefacts found on Plymouth building site
Archaeological investigations have been taking place since late last year across Sherford, a new town on the eastern edge of Plymouth, 300 kilometres southwest of London on the south coast...
Scientists reconstruct 5,000 year old tomb in Ukraine
Scientists have reconstructed the monumental 5,000 year old tomb of an elite member of a community of nomadic shepherds, discovered in a barrow cemetery on the border between Ukraine and...
Indigenous Australian storytelling records sea level rises 7,000 years ago
Sunshine Coast University marine geographer Patrick Nunn and University of New England linguist Nicholas Reid believe that 21 Indigenous stories from across the Australian continent faithfully record events between 18,000...
5 October 2016
Pressed flower among Bronze Age finds
Late Bronze Age ritual offerings unearthed at a site in northwest England include weapons, jewellery and ornaments - among them a 3,000-year-old complete pressed flower from a thistle, a plant...
6 October 2016
Dyed material found in Peru predates Egypt
Indigo is a blue pigment extracted from a plant with the Latin name 'Indigofera tinctoria' and is distinctive enough to be one of the seven named colours of the rainbow....
Intact Neolithic figurine discovered in Turkey
The large bellied, large breasted female figurines of the Neolithic era, which have been discovered in the past have mainly been believed to have been symbols of fertility, due to...
Neanderthals had more cognitive abilities than first thought
In the central region of France, at Arcy-sur-Cure, lies a cave which has been at the centre of a controversy over Neanderthal intelligence for decades. During digs made over the...

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