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March 2017 index:

2 March 2017
Pointillist technique on engravings discovered in France
Aurignacian artists who decorated several newly rediscovered limestone blocks 38,000 years ago used small dots to create the illusion of a larger image - the same technique employed by Pointillist...
3 March 2017
Ancient skulls suggest multiple migrations into Americas
Researchers affiliated with institutions in the USA, Europe, and South America have found evidence that suggests the native people of South America likely arrived from more than one place. For...
Horsemen swept into Bronze Age Europe 5,000 years ago
Early Bronze Age men from the vast grasslands of the Eurasian steppe swept into Europe on horseback about 5000 years ago, and this mostly male migration may have persisted for...
6 March 2017
Clovis culture, Ice Age fauna, and Cosmic impact
Studies of rock samples from sites spanning a portion of North America from the Channel Islands of Pacific California to the Midwestern creeks of Oklahoma failed to turn up any...
Scarcity of resources led to violence in prehistoric California
Study leader and archaeology Professor Mark Allen says there are two views related to the origins of violence and warfare in humans - one that earlier humans were peaceful and...
Bronze Age weapons found in Scotland
Excavations during the construction of two football fields in Scotland uncovered a rare a Bronze-Age weapon hoard, including a bronze sword and a gold-decorated spearhead. The weapons, likely dating from...
8 March 2017
Possible henge discovered around an ancient Welsh burial chamber
A team of archaeologists, led by a researcher from the University of Bristol, has uncovered the remains of a possible Stonehenge-type prehistoric earthwork monument in a field in Pembrokeshire (Wales)....
Huge prostrate menhir discovered in northern Italy
Andrea Eremita, Bruno Calatroni, Stefano Albertieri, Paolo Ciarma e Aldo Ummarino of the 'Archeonervia' research group have announced the discovery of a 5-meter tall menhir hidden under the vegetation around...
A great app for Megalithomaniacs
It's been many years since we started walking on parallel roads with our longtime friend Andy Burnham, the creator of the Megalithic Portal. Recently, he put the gigantic effort of...

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