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August 2017 index:

5 August 2017
Neolithic burial urn unearthed in West Yorkshire
A 5,000 year old complete funeral urn has been excavated on housing development land in Silsden (West Yorkshire, England); the late Neolithic pot was dug up from the site of...
Evidence of a skull cult found at Neolithic site in Turkey
Archaeologists have made a remarkable find in a 12,000-year-old stone temple known as Göbekli Tepe, in southeastern Turkey, uncovering the remains of human skulls that were stripped of their flesh...
Long barrow near Stonehenge to be excavated
A Neolithic burial mound near Stonehenge could contain human remains more than 5,000 years old, experts say. The monument lies in Pewsey Vale, halfway between Avebury and Stonehenge in Wiltshire,...
Ancient funeral practices at Carrowkeel
New insights into death rites of the ancient people of Ireland are being provided through studies led by a researcher at the Department of Anatomy at New Zealand's University of...
11 August 2017
Avebury stone circle contains hidden square
A square formation has been discovered within the Neolithic stone circle at Avebury, a village 130 kilometres west of London. Archaeologists believe the hidden stones, discovered using ground-penetrating radar, were...
Invasion may have transformed India's Bronze Age
New data confirm a long-held but controversial theory that Sanskrit, the ancient language of Northern India, emerged from an earlier language spoken by people in Central Asia, who may have...
Ancient monuments may have been used for moonlit ceremonies
A new investigation of the stone age rock art panel at Hendraburnick Quoit in Cornwall, southwest England, found nearly ten times the number of markings when viewed in moonlight or...
Hundreds of stone tombs discovered in Jordan
Hundreds of ancient stone tombs have been discovered in Jebel Qurma, south of Damascus, in a 'black desert' stretching across northeastern Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Many are covered by stone...
16 August 2017
Ancient warrior, weapons drawn, wears stylish earrings
The extraordinary find of a Bronze Age warrior buried between 2,700 and 2,900 years ago with dagger in one hand, a knife in the other, spiral earrings, and a bronze...
Sound-reflecting rock shelters attracted ancient artists
Researchers say that members of early farming communities in in the central Mediterranean preferred to paint images in rock shelters where sounds bounced off walls and into the surrounding countryside....
7,000-year-old figurine discovered in Poland
A 7-centimetre fragment of a 7,000-year-old baked clay human figurine has been found by archaeologist Piotr Alagierski while on holiday, walking in a cultivated field in one of the villages...
Excavation of a round mound in the Isle of Man
Archaeologists glimpse Manx history A team of archaeologists, students, and local volunteers have for the past twelve months been investigating prehistoric mounds in fields south of Kirk Michael, a village...
17 August 2017
Bones suggest cannibal ritual in ancient Britain
Archaeological evidence suggests that most cannibalism in human history occurred for complex and varied reasons. Human bones found in Gough's Cave - a sizeable limestone cave in Cheddar Gorge in...
31 August 2017
Nine Bronze Age tombs discovered in Eastern Romania
In Cârlomăneşti, in Eastern Romania's Buzău county nine tombs that date back to the Bronze Age have recently been identified. The graves were identified by specialists from the Buzău county...
Archaeologists track ancient wheat in Bronze Age box
In a small wooden box, 2.650m (8.000 ft) above sea level in the Swiss Alps, archaeologists have uncovered new evidence that could help map the use and spread of ancient...
The continuing story of Oetzi
The mummified remains of a Chalcolithic man were first found in the Olztal Alps, between Austria and Italy, in September 1991. Since then the story of Oetzi the Iceman, as...
British experts reconstruct Neolithic man's face
There is a fascinating Department within the Liverpool John Moores University (UK) called 'Face Lab'. Scientists in the laboratory utilise a craniofacial computer system to re-create faces just using the...
Were Denisovans an isolated part of our lineage?
During the time of one of our ancient ancestors the Neanderthals there also lived a long extinct hominid known as Denisovan. Whilst very little is known about Denisovans we do...

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