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October 2017 index:

17 October 2017
New exciting discoveries at the Ness of Brodgar dig
This year at the Ness Brodgar excavation in Orkney (Scotland), two remarkable finds were made. The first discovery being that of an incense pot as well as a 'butterfly-like' motif...
8,000-year-old paint workshop discovered in Turkey
One of the oldest paint workshops of the world have been found at an ancient settlement in northwestern Turkish province of Eskişehir. Archaeologists working at the ancient settlement mound of...
Illuminating discovery at megalithic tomb in Kerry
A hillwalker in west Kerry (Ireland) has made a stunning discovery which connects a 4,000-year-old tomb with the equinox. The megalithic tomb, known as the Giant's Grave, is situated in...
Dolmens dating back to around 3,000 years found in southern India
A team of archaeologists has discovered more than 300 dolmens reportedly dating back to 3,000 years near Mallasandram (Krishnagiri district, southern India). They said it was for the first time...
First evidence of dismemberment in prehistoric Ireland
A new analysis of bones taken from an old excavation at 5300 years-old passage tomb complex at Carrowkeel, in County Sligo has revealed evidence of the burial practices and death...

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