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Index of news related to France
16 August 2017
Sound-reflecting rock shelters attracted ancient artists
2 March 2017
Pointillist technique on engravings discovered in France
10 February 2017
38,000 year old rock art discovered in France
19 January 2017
Neanderthals associated with Chatelperronian tool technology
25 November 2016
People consumed milk and cheese 9,000 years ago
6 October 2016
Neanderthals had more cognitive abilities than first thought
1 June 2016
5,000-year-old paintings high in the French Alps
29 January 2016
Artists complete replica of Lascaux cave paintings
28 January 2016
Did interbreeding with Neanderthals strengthen our immune system?
24 January 2016
Chauvet cave may hold earliest painting of volcanic eruption
10 December 2015
6,000-year-old amputated arms in France suggest trophy-taking
9 December 2015
The cave art of Cosquer
6 May 2015
Chauvet replica cave art gallery opens
4 May 2015
Iron Age tumulus discovered near Paris
18 January 2015
Neanderthals were able to make advanced tools
12 December 2014
23,000-year-old 'Venus' statuette dug up in France
10 December 2014
Neanderthal bones in Northern France
10 October 2014
Neanderthal human remains found in Normandy
26 September 2014
Neolithic necropolis unearthed in Northern France
4 June 2014
2,300-year-old false tooth found in France
1 June 2014
Neanderthals were not inferior to modern humans
19 December 2013
European Neanderthals buried their dead
13 December 2013
How prehistoric people selected the best places to live
15 November 2013
6,000 years of occupation in Alsace
21 October 2013
Women left their handprints on ancient cave walls
24 July 2013
Epigravettian remains found in France
9 July 2013
Snail trail reveals ancient human migration
22 April 2013
Iron Age graveyard discovered in France
6 April 2013
Ancient artifact lost in plain sight
22 May 2012
Anthropologists discover earliest form of wall art
17 May 2012
Upper Palaeolithic revealed at Mas d'Azil cave
11 May 2012
Analysis suggests France cave art is 'oldest'
22 March 2012
Was graphic code a forerunner to writing?
11 December 2011
Striking 'earth mother' figurine discovered in France
14 November 2011
Prehistoric cave paintings of horses were spot-on
13 November 2011
Art hints prehistoric men pierced their privates
4 October 2011
Children learned to finger-paint in Palaeolithic Age
20 September 2011
9000-year-old multiple burial uncovered in Corsica
30 August 2011
170,000-years-old skull unearthed in France
31 July 2011
Neanderthals were simply outnumbered
28 June 2011
Knocked down menhirs discovered in France
Early French had a taste for beer
2 June 2011
No fresh milk for Neolithic humans in France
19 May 2011
Reindeer teeth hold clues to Neanderthal hunting tactics
26 April 2011
Prehistoric humans and cave bears may have competed for shelter
22 April 2011
Bear DNA clue to age of Chauvet cave art
8 March 2011
Neanderthals: copycats or innovators?
17 February 2011
3D movie portrays the rock art of the Chauvet Cave
16 December 2010
Neanderthals may have made earliest human bone tool
2 October 2010
French president gains access to threatened cave art
2 September 2010
The sites and sounds of prehistory
23 August 2010
Megalithic monuments were built within short periods of time
18 August 2010
Pleistocene Art of the World Congress 2010
26 July 2010
Tourists heave menhirs in France to solve ancient mystery
15 July 2010
Neolithic amputation in France
21 February 2010
The seeds of written communication on cave walls
1 February 2010
Amputation is evidence of medical knowledge in the Neolithic
20 December 2009
French find puts humans in Europe 200,000 years earlier
12 September 2009
Also women were cave painters
19 July 2009
Dental wear establishes when hominids lived at sites
14 June 2009
Stones, snakes and sun - Summer Solstice in Brittany
28 February 2009
Scientists meet to save Lascaux cave from fungus
26 October 2008
Exceptional archaeological discovery in Brittany
4 October 2008
'Secret of the Lost Cavern' video game
14 July 2008
Six months to save Lascaux cave art
5 July 2008
Stone Age art caves may have been concert halls
28 June 2008
Paris is 3,000 years older than first thought
23 March 2008
Cave sculptures on display for first time in 15,000 years
10 February 2008
Student makes discovery on Neanderthal eating habits
6 January 2008
France racing to save Lascaux cave paintings
15 December 2007
Fungus once again threatens Lascaux cave paintings
28 October 2007
Ancient clay remedies are studied
15 October 2006
Goats key to spread of farming, gene study suggests
8 July 2006
Over 60 standing stones unearthed in Brittany
4 June 2006
Ancient skeleton sits among art in France
2 April 2006
Music did help human ancestors survive
12 March 2006
'Magdalenian Girl' is thought to have reached adulthood
19 February 2006
French caver makes historic find
29 December 2005
French customs seize ancient treasures
30 August 2005
The Bagneux dolmen is for sale
13 August 2005
Neolithic tools unearthed in Marseille
28 May 2005
Rare teeth as Stone Age status symbols
29 September 2004
6,000-year-old intact tomb found in France
8 September 2004
Prehistoric settlement found in Channel Islands
31 July 2004
Museum of prehistory opened in Dordogne
17 January 2004
Peat bog reveals mining pollution through the ages
10 January 2004
Prehistoric cave for sale
8 December 2003
Ancient stone warrior found in France
17 October 2003
Britain and France in dispute over cave art
13 October 2003
Ancient righties
1 August 2003
Genetics helps scientists determine Basque origins
19 May 2003
2,500-year-old necropolis helps identify Celtic tribe
22 October 2001
Prehistoric cave paintings much older than previously thought
Megaliths as social change indicators
14 November 2000
Oldest lunar calendar identified
16 December 1999
Carnac's megalithic alignments reopen
25 November 1998
Relics looted and recovered from prehistoric cave in France

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