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Index of news related to Iberian peninsula
23 February 2018
Cave Art in the Basque country
21 February 2018
Giant handaxes and prehistoric Europeans
8 November 2017
Prehistoric cave paintings discovered in Spain
7 November 2017
Late Neolithic burials in Spain reveal surprising differences
19 January 2017
Neanderthals associated with Chatelperronian tool technology
19 December 2016
Were Neanderthals religious?
16 December 2016
Early humans began cooking over 800,000 years ago
25 November 2016
People consumed milk and cheese 9,000 years ago
23 August 2016
First Bell Beaker earthwork enclosure found in Spain
6 July 2016
Neolithic livestock pens in Spain
1 July 2016
Prehistoric tombs enhanced astronomical viewing?
No game was too big to hunt for Stone Age man
2 June 2016
Cave art found deep underground in Spain
2 May 2016
Fossils from Spain earliest genetic evidence of Neanderthals
28 January 2016
Neolithic tomb in Spain reveals community in life and death
5 January 2016
Early human dispersal into Spain through Gibraltar
12 October 2015
Petroglyph in Spain marks when Atlantic and Mediterranean cultures met
3 October 2015
Another sign of Neanderthal intelligence and resourcefulness
28 September 2015
Common origins of Neolithic farmers in Europe
24 September 2015
Neolithic tomb in Spain replaced with picnic table
2 July 2015
Was this the first recorded murder?
15 May 2015
Iron Age artifacts found in a megalithic site in Spain
12 May 2015
Traces of flowers on a Palaeolithic tomb are found
5 May 2015
Extra molar identified for the first time in an Atapuerca hominid
4 May 2015
Altamira cave paintings under threat again
1 April 2015
Unearthing an Iron Age Sanctuary in the Mediterranean
19 February 2015
Neanderthals disappeared from the Iberian Peninsula earlier than elsewhere
2 February 2015
Ancient humans from Atapuerca cave ate dog, wild cat, fox and badger
10 October 2014
Bronze Age palace and grave goods discovered in Spain
27 August 2014
Humans were eating snails 30,000 years ago
6 August 2014
Spain tests limited visits to Altamira cave
1 August 2014
Territory of Upper Palaeolithic groups defined by flint
1 July 2014
Neanderthals may have had plants in their diet
3 June 2014
Traces of early use of fire found in Spain
2 June 2014
Prehistoric hunting scenes unearthed in Spanish cave
20 May 2014
Thieves destroy ancient rock painting in Spain
15 April 2014
Prehistoric DNA paints more complex picture of human evolution
13 April 2014
New insights on ancient Portuguese horse engraving
1 April 2014
European hunter-gatherers had blue eyes and dark skin
16 March 2014
Sound and prehistoric art in caves
10 March 2014
Altamira cave paintings opened to the public
16 February 2014
Dating refined for Atapuerca site
19 December 2013
Neanderthal DNA reveals interbreeding in early human species
9 December 2013
Hominin DNA baffles experts
21 October 2013
Women left their handprints on ancient cave walls
13 May 2013
Neanderthals were right handed
23 February 2013
Earlier Neanderthal demise suggested
13 October 2012
Neanderthal trove in Madrid
22 September 2012
Early cannibalism tied to territorial defence?
5 August 2012
First evidence of Palaeolithic art
19 July 2012
Oldest Neolithic bow discovered in Europe
14 July 2012
Ancient European hunter-gatherer groups were 'highly mobile'
27 June 2012
Iberian paintings are Europe's oldest cave art
31 May 2012
Prehistoric twins discovered in Spain
18 February 2012
Climate change - Holocene style
11 February 2012
First Neanderthal paintings on a Spanish cave?
1 January 2012
Pendant could be the oldest found at open-air digs in Spain
18 December 2011
Brain structures separate us from Neanderthals
14 December 2011
Economic crisis saves Spanish ancient sites
13 November 2011
Art hints prehistoric men pierced their privates
17 October 2011
Saving Altamira cave
10 October 2011
One of the oldest handles in the history of archaeology
23 September 2011
'The Girl from the Lozoya Valley'
An early understanding of tides - Part 2
20 September 2011
Stone with 1,200 prehistoric engravings uncovered in Portugal
16 August 2011
25,000-year-old pendant unearthed in Spain
9 July 2011
8,000-year-old dog tomb discovered in Portugal
20 May 2011
More on prehistoric cave art discovered in Basque Country
5 May 2011
25,000-year-old cave paintings discovered in Spain
11 April 2011
Earliest evidence for magic mushroom use in Europe
23 December 2010
New insight into Neanderthal family groupings
18 December 2010
Bronze Age man with broken neck found in Spain
20 October 2010
The origins of compassion
2 October 2010
Excavation of an Iron Age necropolis in central Spain
6 September 2010
Cavemen accused of wiping out cave bears
23 August 2010
Megalithic monuments were built within short periods of time
Ancestral human cannibals in Spain
12 August 2010
Neanderthal's sleeping chamber discovered in Spain
28 June 2010
Common ancestor not yet found
22 June 2010
Ancient bones reveal that Neanderthals hunted lions
15 June 2010
Controversy over decision to reopen Altamira caves
24 May 2010
New science project on the historical heritage of the Pyrenees
17 April 2010
Religious beliefs may have originated Palaeolithic art
16 April 2010
Neanderthals and modern humans in Spain
16 February 2010
Sea levels erratic during latest Ice Age
Cattle and humans evolved side-by-side
1 February 2010
Last Neanderthals in Europe died out 37,000 years ago
24 January 2010
Search for an ancient settlement in Southern Spain
10 January 2010
Neanderthal 'make-up' containers discovered
29 December 2009
Evidence of first settlers found in the Sierra Helada
3 December 2009
Duck meals from the Pleistocene
11 October 2009
Cave paintings more than 20,000 years old found in Spain
12 September 2009
Also women were cave painters
5 September 2009
Europe's oldest axes discovered
22 August 2009
Spanish prehistoric sites in danger
15 August 2009
Neanderthals didn't like Brussels sprouts
8 August 2009
Engraved map from 14,000 years ago discovered in Spain
1 August 2009
New device traces archaeological finds fast
29 June 2009
The first Europeans were cannibals
Prehistoric European cave artists were female
1 June 2009
Ancient tombs being restored in Mallorca
16 March 2009
Priorities for the conservation of the Côa Valley rock art
10 March 2009
Experts try to decipher ancient Iberian language
3 January 2009
Competition led to Neanderthal extinction, study shows
European Neanderthals had ginger hair and freckles
14 December 2008
Late Neanderthals and modern human contact in Spain
13 October 2008
Prehistoric cave paintings took up to 20,000 years to complete
4 October 2008
Ancient burial site saved in Spain
21 September 2008
Prehistoric agriculture in Spain was unsustainable
31 March 2008
'First European' is 1.2 million years old
17 November 2007
Theory explains the fall of ancient Argaric people
28 October 2007
Some Neanderthals were 'flame-haired'
26 August 2007
Signs of a prehistoric garbage dump in a cave
7 August 2007
Vandals destroy 8,000-year-old artwork in Spain
San Fulgencio's excavations of Iberian temple
7 May 2007
Climate changes caused the Neanderthal extinction?
27 February 2007
Freeze 'condemned Neanderthals'
15 January 2007
Excavations at the prehistoric site of Castanheiro do Vento
19 August 2006
Spanish forest fires char Stone Age art
30 May 2006
Motorway is threatening an ancient stone circle in Spain
20 January 2006
Early Spanish sculpture to return to town
17 March 2005
Castanheiro do Vento excavation campaign 2005
8 October 2004
The oldest remains of a woman who died in childbirth
24 June 2004
ShortCourseonDocumenting andPresentingRockArt
11 June 2004
Satellite images 'show Atlantis' in Spain
3 April 2004
Builders of ancient tombs followed sun and stars
1 August 2003
Genetics helps scientists determine Basque origins
4 June 2003
Bones of cavemen warriors found in Spain
13 January 2003
The oldest burial object?
29 February 2000
4 Curso Intensivo da Rede Europeia de Arqueologia
5 August 1998
1998 International Rock-Art Congress

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