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Index of news related to Wales
10 September 2018
Did the people buried at Stonehenge come from Wales?
11 February 2018
Ancient history being remembered in a new Welsh school
20 December 2017
New app to help preserve British and Irish rock art
4 November 2017
Mysterious stone tools unearthed at Welsh Bronze Age site
14 June 2017
Neolithic tomb in Wales stars in new CGI film
8 March 2017
Possible henge discovered around an ancient Welsh burial chamber
23 January 2017
Royal Mail pays homage to Ancient Britain
16 December 2016
Early Neolithic houses found at site in Wales
7 November 2016
Well preserved pottery found inside Gwynedd quarry dig
30 August 2016
Astronomy shown to be set in ancient stone monuments
12 February 2016
Seminar explores the importance of ancient hillfort in Wales
31 December 2015
Prehistoric shepherd's hut found in Wales through Google Earth
24 December 2015
Stonehenge's bluestones: moved from Wales by glaciers?
10 December 2015
Stonehenge may have been first erected in Wales
20 October 2015
Largest Neolithic site in Wales uncovered in Anglesey
6 July 2015
Digging a prehistoric hillfort in Wales
7 March 2015
Bronze Age treasure hoard on display in Wales
24 February 2015
Neolithic skeleton returned to its home in Wales
31 December 2014
Bronze Age hoard found in Wales hint at long-distance sea travel
19 October 2014
First ever excavation on Skomer Island
6 August 2014
Schoolboy finds evidence of ancient conflict in Wales
29 June 2014
Anglesey Neolithic art given a modern makeover
1 April 2014
Excavation of Neolithic chambered tomb on Anglesey
24 March 2014
Bronze Age firepit discovered in north-east Wales
6 March 2014
Cup marked stone discovered in Wales
23 February 2014
3D modeling of Welsh megalithic sites
21 December 2013
What might Stone Age senses have perceived in the landscape?
19 December 2013
A glimpse in the life of a Neolithic man
20 November 2013
New app to explore the archaeology of Wales
18 July 2013
6,000 year old carved wooden post found in Wales
17 July 2013
Volunteers to map ancient hill forts
14 July 2013
Vandals hit Maen Llia standing stone in Wales
8 April 2013
Snowy landscape reveals Wales' ancient remains
17 January 2013
Mesolithic man should be re-named 'hunter-gatherer-farmer'
13 December 2012
Bronze Age stone back after car crash
27 June 2012
Mysterious structure found on ancient Welsh lakeshore
24 June 2012
New test from a Welsh cave confirms Britain's oldest rock-art
22 June 2012
Welsh people could be the most ancient Britons
26 May 2012
Stronger protection to Welsh cave art site after vandalism
13 April 2012
Ancient buildings and fields found on Welsh island
3 February 2012
Prehistoric stone row discovered in Wales
24 December 2011
From Pembrokeshire to Stonehenge
30 October 2011
Bronze Age hoard declared treasure in Wales
14 October 2011
Ancient Welsh standing stone crashes to the ground
28 September 2011
New discoveries at Trefael Stone
Bronze Age finds under Llangollen's Pillar
19 September 2011
Neolithic finds at Welsh quarry
6 September 2011
Dig to find connection between pillar and prehistoric cairn
4 September 2011
Tomb found at Stonehenge quarry site
28 July 2011
Tests confirm age of prehistoric carving in Wales
26 July 2011
Carving of a reindeer could be the oldest rock art in Britain
11 June 2011
A comet carved on a reconstructed stone circle in Wales?
22 May 2011
Bronze Age site in Wales badly damaged by motorcyclists
29 April 2011
Hillfort test of Iron Age communication in Wales
9 April 2011
The causes of the Bronze Age 'recession' in Britain
31 March 2011
Welsh Rock Art - a unique find in Anglesey
16 February 2011
BBC launches 'Hands on History'
13 February 2011
Inflatable Stonehenge road show
Legislation forces British archaeologists to rebury finds
11 February 2011
Mesolithic beads found at Welsh dolmen site
31 January 2011
Bronze Age cairns in Wales repaired by students
26 November 2010
A prehistoric star map carved on a Welsh capstone?
17 November 2010
Late Mesolithic items found in Wales
30 October 2010
Bronze and Iron Age remains uncovered in Wales
8 October 2010
Excavation begins on submerged Welsh villages
2 October 2010
Portal dolmen may lie hidden in South West Wales
6 September 2010
The WRAO Field School and Excavation 2010
2 September 2010
Welsh hillfort inspires paintings
12 August 2010
Unlocking the mysteries of an ancient Welsh burial site
26 July 2010
Walkers invited to Welsh hillfort
19 July 2010
Dig beneath a 9th Century Welsh monument
15 July 2010
Skeleton Blodwen, aged 5,500, comes home in Wales
3 July 2010
Archwilio website maps Welsh archaeological finds
Motorbikes and 4x4s wrecking Welsh heritage sites
22 June 2010
Holograms add new dimension to archaeology in Wales
24 January 2010
Dispute over Iron Age hoard found in Wales
Rock Art discovered on a Welsh boulder
5 September 2009
Iron Age remains uncovered at North Wales dig
1 August 2009
Welsh hillfort comes to life
14 June 2009
Excavation uncovers Bronze Age burial mound in Wales
1 June 2009
Bronze Age road found in Wales
5 May 2009
Bid to return ancient treasure to Anglesey
A link between ancient Wales and the Mediterranean?
21 March 2009
Rare Iron Age bowls unearthed in Wales
16 March 2009
Anglesey rock-art project field school and excavation
23 November 2008
Further details on the massive Welsh fort
16 November 2008
Iron Age 'town in the sky' is revealed in Wales
2 November 2008
'Floating ramp' to preserve Welsh hillfort
4 October 2008
'Return of the Tomb Builders' exhibition
31 August 2008
Film inspired by Anglesey's prehistoric past
28 June 2008
Neolithic camp found at a Welsh quarry
10 February 2008
Major Anglesey plans include a prehistoric burial chamber
9 December 2007
Prehistoric skeleton goes on display in Wales
3 November 2007
Ancient Welsh skeleton was 'even older'
28 October 2007
Follow in the footsteps of Iron Age woodsmen
21 October 2007
Remains unearthed on a Welsh burial mound
16 September 2007
Hedgehogs on menu for ancient Brits
27 May 2007
Ancient Welsh standing stone needs repairs
4 February 2007
Ancient footprints found on Welsh beach
Prehistoric Welsh site development fears
17 December 2006
Protecting ancient Welsh forts from modern invasion
27 November 2006
Prehistoric tools donated to Welsh museum
15 October 2006
Ancient skeleton to return home
8 October 2006
Ancient canoe joins Newport ship
26 September 2006
Scientist looks to Wales for Neanderthal blood
Druid campaign for sacred sites
25 August 2006
Bronze age canoe stops pipeline in Wales
9 August 2006
Drought unearths prehistoric monuments in Wales
6 August 2006
Welsh Iron Age site dig open to public
Heather and Hillforts Project in Wales
13 July 2006
Dyffryn Lane Henge Project
18 June 2006
Bryn Celli Ddu aligned to sun
14 June 2006
Bristol University Archaeology courses
Death in Wales: 40003000 BC
1 May 2006
Missed rock carvings found at Barclodiad y Gawres
2 April 2006
CD-ROM: The Host of Henllys and The Defeat of Carn Alw
26 March 2006
Land near Welsh megalithic site is up for auction
12 February 2006
Bronze Age mourners used flowers
20 January 2006
Man's suicide near prehistoric site
12 December 2005
Grant to Bronze Age copper mine in Wales
11 December 2005
Iron Age skeleton found under medieval ship
1 October 2005
Bronze Age treasure trove goes on display
8 September 2005
Celtica attraction set to close in 2006
4 September 2005
Balloons help spot ancient sites
28 August 2005
Prehistoric remains discovered in south Wales
21 August 2005
Ongoing excavation at Castell Henllys
23 July 2005
Bronze Age treasure to return home in Wales
22 May 2005
3,000 year old settlement revealed after scrub fire
14 May 2005
Gravel extraction threatens a Welsh valley rich in archaeology
6 April 2005
Survey of ancient monuments in Wales
19 March 2005
Bronze Age skeletons found in closet
12 February 2005
Bird's eye view of Anglesey's past
17 December 2004
Ancient Welsh site spotted from the air
25 November 2004
Portable Antiquities: field walking in Wales
20 September 2004
'Extinct' horses back in the wild
20 August 2004
Neolithic knife could make a museum dream come true
27 July 2004
Bronze age knife found in Wales
22 July 2004
Bronze Age mine as tourist attraction?
29 May 2004
World record for Great Orme mine
15 May 2004
Campaign to return 'Red Lady' to Wales
7 May 2004
Dig shows Welsh were evolving at faster pace
Welsh Bronze Age gold hoard declared treasure
14 March 2004
Hoard adds weight to Northeastern Welsh museum bid
5 March 2004
Bronze Age treasure found in Wales
11 February 2004
Stone circle has made us ill, say ghost detectives
7 February 2004
CAPE will highlight Welsh Bronze Age culture
12 December 2003
Remains could lie under a proposed building in Wales
27 November 2003
Welsh Bronze Age sun disc declared a treasure
21 September 2003
Welsh version of Stonehenge is under construction
22 August 2003
Ancient Welsh farm discovered
16 June 2003
Was Arthur's Stone an ancient clock?
7 May 2003
Largest prehistoric man-made cavern hidden in Wales?
23 April 2003
3,000-year-old gold ring found in Wales
2 July 2000
Unforeseen obstacles for the Millennium Stone project
30 April 2000
A 3,000-year old Welsh gold mine
23 October 1999
Pagans protest against a Christian burial
25 November 1998
Iron Age stately home rises again

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