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Internet news RSS feed for 'Archaeo News'
A new technology called Internet news feed (or RSS feed) means you can have the latest 'Archaeo News' headlines delivered directly to your desktop. No need to remember to visit the website regularly to check. No more waiting for email newsletter (although we'll continue to provide that too).

What is an Internet news feed?
It's a way for web sites to let users know automatically whenever new features are published. Its main use is for news services like the BBC, and for other sites that change frequently. The number of websites offering news feeds is raising and maybe soon everyone will be using them.

We have set up an Internet news feed for the 'Archaeo News' service. This makes it easier for you to find out about the most recent news posted on this section of the Stone Pages website. It also makes it easier for other web sites to feature our materials.

What do you need to make it work?
You need a news reader (RSS reader or News Aggregator). This is a small application that sits in your system tray, checks for new stories every so often (you choose how often), and pops up a window to let you know when a new story comes in. You choose which sites it checks, so you only get the news that interests you. Because it's a small and simple application, it doesn't take long to download, and it isn't difficult to install.

One such free newsreaders is Amphetadesk, available either for Windows 95, 98 and up or Mac OS 7-9 and X, or Linux. Or you can try also Feedreader for Windows-equipped computers only. If you are a MAC OS X user, we suggest you to have a look at the NetNewsWire application.

Internet news feeds are best suited to people who have always-on connections (e.g. through university networks or ADSL connections), or unmetered dialup accounts. We don't recommend that you use them if you have to pay for every time you connect.

The RSS feed for Stone Pages' Archaeo News is at


(Don't click on this - it isn't a hyperlink. It's an address that needs to be pasted into a news reader to work.)

We are still developing this, and would welcome your feedback