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Apart from the interesting but not very melodic Kilmartin Sessions, in which you can actually listen to original prehistoric instruments and reconstructions, there are no records that could be really called "Prehistoric Music".

In this page you can find a very personal selection of music that we love listening to when we are touring megalithic sites and when we are working on the Stone Pages website. In a way, all these songs remind us the atmosphere and the emotions we felt around the ancient sites. This selection reflects our own preferences, but we think that our choices may also be appreciated by other fans of megalithic sites.

The artists listed here are from Ireland, England, Scotland, Canada, Italy, Brittany and Greece and their styles range from traditional folk ballads to electronic music. Of course, some artists got fascinated with megalithic sites and decided to display them on their record sleeves. We have started a little Megalithic Album Cover collection. Please have a look at it and don't forget to send us a message if you spot an album cover which we haven't listed.

On this page, just click on the title you are interested on, and you will be transported to the Amazon's Web page relative to that compact disc, where you may find reviews, the actual price (in most cases at 10-40% off list price) and the possibility to buy it on-line through a secure server.
If you find this little note you can also hear a sample of the best song (in our opinion) of each album, provided that you have installed the RealAudio plug-in and extension in your computer. will be responsible for all customer service, including payment processing, ordering, shipping, order status reports and even returns of any kind. If you have any questions about your orders or using the system, please visit their Web site.

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  Máire Brennan Top of the page  


Best song of the album:
Cé Leis

Other suggested Máire Brennan records:

  Michael Brook Top of the page  

Cobalt Blue

Best song of the album:

Other suggested Michael Brook records:

  Capercaillie Top of the page  


Best song of the album:

Other suggested Capercaillie records:

  Clannad Top of the page  


Best song of the album:
Caislean Oir

Other suggested Clannad records:

  Saro Cosentino Top of the page  

Ones and Zeros

Best song of the album:


  Brian Eno Top of the page  

The Pearl
(with Harold Budd)

Best song of the album:
Late October

Other suggested Brian Eno records:

  Roger Eno Top of the page  

The Familiar
(with Kate St.John)

Best song of the album:
Our Man in Havana

Other suggested Roger Eno records:

  Enya Top of the page  

The Celts

Best song of the album:

Other suggested Enya records:

  Peter Gabriel Top of the page  


Best song of the album:
Come Talk to Me

Other suggested Peter Gabriel records:

  Genesis Top of the page  


Best song of the album:

Other suggested Genesis records:

  Steve Hackett Top of the page  

Spectral Mornings

Best song of the album:
The Virgin and the Gipsy

Other suggested Steve Hackett records:

  Peter Hammill Top of the page  

Everyone You Hold

Best song of the album:
Everyone You Hold

Other suggested Peter Hammill records:

  Loreena McKennitt Top of the page  


Best song of the album:
Stolen Child

Other suggested Loreena McKennitt records:

  Sinéad O'Connor Top of the page  

I do not want
what I haven't got

Best song of the album:
Nothing Compares 2 U

Other suggested Sinéad O'Connor records:

  Mike Oldfield Top of the page  

The Songs of Distant Earth

Best song of the album:
Let There Be Light

Other suggested Mike Oldfield records:

  Pink Floyd Top of the page  

The Division Bell

Best song of the album:
Poles Apart

Other suggested Pink Floyd records:

  Queen Top of the page  

A kind of magic

Best song of the album:
Who Wants to Live Forever

Other suggested Queen records:

  Roxy Music Top of the page  


Best song of the album:

Other suggested Roxy Music records:

  Alan Stivell Top of the page  

The Mist of Avalon

Best song of the album:

Other suggested Alan Stivell records:

  U2 Top of the page  

The Joshua Tree

Best song of the album:
With or Without You

Other suggested U2 records:

  Midge Ure Top of the page  


Best song of the album:

Other suggested Midge Ure records:

  Vangelis Top of the page  

Blade Runner
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Best song of the album:
Rachel's Song

Other suggested Vangelis records:

  Yes Top of the page  

Going for the One

Best song of the album:
Turn of the Century

Other suggested Yes records:

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